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Manuel Barkan

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Manuel Barkan

and his contribution to art education

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[Institution ‘s Name] Contemporary generation of young art educators are being introduced to significant figures in the history of art education in their programs of study . In today ‘s fast-paced environment , it is natural that some of these figures are accepted without question and some are left languishing in history only to be revisited by those interested in revising that history . Manuel Barkan could be considered such a figure . An individual who emerges as a pivotal force in the [banner_entry_middle]

development of ideas now infused in contemporary art education is Manuel Barkan who in 1965 advocated a then new approach to the curricular content of art education : the use of the roles of the art historian , the art critic , and the aesthetician as well as that of the studio artist Today these ideas seem so commonplace that it ‘s difficult to imagine just how radical they were when they were first introduced . The purpose of this is to examine Barkan ‘s work and its effect on contemporary art education in to understand current practice and philosophy of art education

About half a century ago , Barkan (1962 ) addressed the importance of historical reflection in an article published in Art Education titled Transition in Art Education : Perceptions of Curriculum Content and Teaching ‘ and asserted that he believed the next decade would bring some truly fundamental changes in the theory and practice of art education (Barkan , 1962 ,

. 12 . He went on to say that when basic ideas are in the process of transformation , there is and must be an inevitable grinding of opinions one upon the other . There must be inevitable controversy and debate , because old ideas by their very nature , cannot and do not change unless and until they are challenged by new ones (p . 12 . The transformation of which he spoke was the shift from the child-centered approach of the progressive movement to the disciplined-centered approach advocated for general education . Another essential Barkan ‘s point concerned the kind of behavior a person must learn in to achieve understanding from the subject being studied He stated that to learn through art , one must act like an artist (p 14

Barkan (1962 ) also spoke of the need to treat children as artists and explained the characteristics of the artist as immersion in a medium ‘ and determination . to achieve the discipline and the skills involved (p . 18 . He cautioned against organizing curriculum simply to give students experiences in a wide range of media , an approach he considered detrimental to the purposes which art education ought to be trying to achieve (p . 17 . Instead , he thought students should engage is some exploration of media so that they could discover a medium they liked and be able to use it to express their ideas (p 18 . The art room should , in Barkan ‘s words in the 1962 article re-create the atmosphere of an artist ‘s studio (p . 18

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