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Managing and motovating productive work groups

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Human beings as individuals are very complex in their psychological make-up . When they interact with one another in groups and in large organizations , the complexities are multiplied . Beyond the more noticeable and obvious differences among people in physical appearance voice , intelligence , race and language and general habits are the less apparent difference is emotional responses to various stimuli and in motives , attitudes and modes of thought . Motivating employees to become more productive and efficient is difficult and there are no short cuts to it (Kovak , 1999 . Arguably , motivating employees takes [banner_entry_middle]

more than just the usual holiday trips , the usual cash bonuses and incentives . This lays out the essential things that a manger should know about motivating the workforce and this includes the importance of communication , the use of motivation strategies , the consequences of using different rewards and bonuses and how employees respond to motivation

There are vast differences among people of different cultures and subcultures and even though biologically they are the same . For example one can observe great differences in the competence , behavior , and attitudes between the subculture composed of varied corporate executives and that of the working poor . If a manger tries to operate various personnel programs for a group of poorly educated factory workers he soon learns that that they do not respond to the same kind of communications and incentives that he is accustomed to . Even within the social milieu we find considerable variation in the abilities , attitudes and temperaments of people . If a manger gives identical projects to two engineers , he will find that their mode of attack may be quite different . People react to praise , criticism , promises , frustration and the like quite differently (Bruce Pepitone , 1999 . A challenging assignment may frustrate one man but stimulate another . The manager must be perceptive . He must be ever alert to the world and the personality of his subordinates , peers and superiors

Initially , it is important to know that all human behavior has a cause and that there is a reason for a person ‘s behaving as he does . A stimulus is present to initiate behavior on the part of the individual The cause for human behavior constitutes an interaction between a stimulus like noise , light or threat and the person ‘s own internal interpretation of that stimulus . Thus to one person a sound may be annoying , whereas another may consider it like soothing music . If one employee smiles at another , the second may view the smile as a leering smirk . On the other hand , someone else may consider it a smile of approbation . One ‘s perception is determined by his background personality and the circumstances surrounding the event . The actions of rational human beings are goal directed . Our behavior is aimed toward the fulfillment of basic wants , drives and needs . The politician who does favors for his constituents hopes thereby to gain their votes at election time so that he can retain his office . The piece-rate worker in the clothing factory may work very hard… [banner_entry_footer]


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