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Manage Investment Community Relationships and Perspectives

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Manage the relationship with stock analysts as the CEO of a for-profit proprietary school

Proprietary Schools are getting into the limelight as they strive to revolutionize the education industry in our country . As a CEO of a company it is important to maintain relationships with all forays of people , and it is the job that takes up most time compared to others

The relationship with stock analysts is special , not only can they make or break your company at the stock market , in front of investors or partners , they can also share [banner_entry_middle]

valuable information about competitors That makes them a double edged sword . They can share your information with others too ! However , the advantages and risks aside , every CEO needs to be friends with the stock analysts because when the going gets tough you need them to spread some reassuring words . If you don ‘t maintain the relationships it is difficult to get good word out to the market and as a CEO it is critical to keep the markets on your side

However , there is always a very thin line that a CEO Stock Analyst relation must tread , as much as the CEO needs them so that they can help the company when the going is tough , it is also very dangerous because of the rules and regulations since The Super Attorney Eliot Spitzer has come in . not that it was easy to manipulate or play around with investors before , but now there is genuine concern every time a CEO decides to ride his luck . Rather the boards are quite content to get the rogue CEO out of the company rather than getting the whole company involved in some kind of an investigation

From a CEO perspective , all is well till he remains within the limits of Good Corporate behavior . The CEO need to keep that relationship completely professional and even if people are personal friends business matter are better off discussed only in the offices of the CEO

There are many comments and researches that are being done about the stock analyst ‘s impact on the market and a few are concentrating on how the CEO might be able to influence the analyst . However , the best I found was the one where the author tries to establish a correlation between the salary of the CEO and the way they manage the expectations of the analyst and thus the market . Ever since the advent of stock options , CEO ‘s and other senior people are always trying hard to keep the stock high and try even harder to ensure that it keep rising However , the fact is that there will always be a temptation for the CEO and senior members of the company to get the stock higher . One way of doing it is to surpass the expectations of the market – to beat the forecast of the analysts

This tricky relationship is based on the maturity of the CEO on how he handles the relationship in the most professional way… [banner_entry_footer]


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