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making definitions by own word

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Vocabulary lists

Are changes in N 😛 ratios in coastal waters the key to increased red tide blooms

Bacterial decomposition : The organic wastes are decomposed , or broken down by the bacteria living in nature

Oxygen depletion : This is a situation when the aquatic environments become dangerous for the organisms living in it as the concentration of oxygen dissolved in water environment is decreased

Noxious algal blooms : Algal blooms that contain noxious chemicals Harmful algal blooms

Cage fish :A Fish that is raised in closed enclosure with free flow of [banner_entry_middle]


Subtropical coastal waters : are the places where he climate is at humid with considerable temperature conditions

Mariculture : Cultivation of marine organisms is called as Mariculture

Novel species

Cysts : A cyst is a internal membrane growth growth found in embryo

Cultural eutrophication : Intense expansion of algae around a water body formed by gradual sediment accumulation in the depth of water

Stoichiometric proportionality

Catchment population

Nitrification : Oxidation process of ammonia to nitrite as process of nitrogen cycle

Non siliceous phytoplanktonic groups are the phytoplanktonic which grow under low silicate conditions below the water in hard winter seasons

Red tide of the dinoflagellates Heterocapsa triquetra (Dinophyta ) in a ferry-mixed coastal inlet

Heterocapsa triquetra : is a common bloom-forming dinoflagellates found in estuaries and near shore regions

Fjordlike are regions which are long , deepened and narrow sea lochs

Road embankment is a structural process used to hold the water currents at tha banks of large water bodies

Sill : A igneous horizontal rock formation

Effluents are the liquid waste waters left after extraction of the desired output from a process flow

Drainage water : A mix of different liquids wastes from industries household etc

Transect a process to estimate the biological characteristics of a species by observing the movement in the direction it takes

Sedimentation : separation of the solid and liquids ingredients according the density of a particle is called sedimentation

Spectrophotometrically a process used to study the difference in the wave lengths to know the intensity of lights

Scums a creamly layer floating on the water surface due to less density

Temperature regime a systematic process of estimating the temperature variation

Stratification patterns a gradual formation of layers due to various atmospheric influences

Litoral biota : The region near large water bodies where ther is distinct flora and fuana

Mineralization : The process of generation of minerals in the crest by the fossilization of organisms

Benthic primary producers are the producers who cultivate deep water body living organisms… [banner_entry_footer]


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