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Lost in Passivity…Almost!

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Lost in Passivity .Almost

Recently I read an article about Bush ‘s military strategy in resolving the conflicts and uprisings in Iraq to which many politicians and a lot of Bush watchers were allegedly opposed . Prior to this , I must admit that I haven ‘t really been much of a follower of the US involvement in Iraq , much less the extent of Bush ‘s power and influence over both nations ‘ military forces . Sure , I have read many arguments from the s and I am aware about the continuing debacle over the extent of [banner_entry_middle]

br the U .S ‘ military dominion over the Iraqi insurgents and terrorist groups but that is that . In other words , I have been a passive onlooker – one who has not deeply reflected on the issues that have come to bother a lot of American politicians and civilians alike for several years now under Bush ‘s administration

The article was published in the web by CNN International last January 24 , 2007 and was entitled : Bush : Give new Iraqi strategy `a chance (CNN .com , 2007 . The title captured my attention as it led me to wonder what this `new strategy ‘ could be all about . Several ideas immediately came into mind – could it be peace talks , a military takeover or appointment of a new Iraqi leader (now that Saddam Hussein had been executed ? of these ideas were confounded , however , as I continued on to reading the entire article . Instead , the report told about Bush ‘s plan of sending more troops to Iraqi bs supposedly to help stop sectarian violence in the country , a task the Iraqi government is not yet ready to handle (Politics – CNN .com , 2007 . The report did not dwell on the specifics of this plan , but rather on how it has been faced with opposing views from both the Republicans and Democrats

Having been part of the passive public for the past years , this article did not really strike me as quite insightful at first . To me it was just an account of how American politicians are struggling to win the debate over what is best for both Iraq and the U .S . After having read the whole article , however , I realized that what I can remember most from the report was how objectionable Bush ‘s plans and policy were . That is , if I were to summarize the article in a few words after the first reading , I would probably say that Bush ‘s new strategy of sending more troops to Iraq is bit and made me read the whole article again . It then made me realize that I must have acquired an instant bias leaning towards more of the opposing view rather than the other

The reason for this acquired bias is now quite apparent , after having gone through the report several times . Most of the opinions presented were from the opposition – how they found the plan as recklessly carried out , how disconcerting it was for the entire U .S . nation and so on and… [banner_entry_footer]


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