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lorna simpson(rewrite)

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Estranging Perception : Lorna Simpson ‘s Anonymous Bodies

Lorna Simpson studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York . She explored the highly original field of creating photographs working on the word-image relationship . These two semiotic systems are complementary . The accompanying of her photogravure Counting (1991 , summarizes the artist ‘s interests very well

Simpson believes that art , especially photography , has the ability to change the world for the better . But the issues addressed in her work are not easy ones . She alludes racism , slavery , and other aspects of African-American experience [banner_entry_middle]

in society . These concerns are not presented in a straightforward or aggressive manner instead , Simpson uses an approach filled with metaphor , suggestion , and biography . Her inspiration stems from her own experience , the current political climate , and African-American history . Although her work falls within the narrative tradition prevalent in African-American art , it is narrative open to many different interpretations . Her messages are both personal and universal at the same time and addressed to people of all races

Lorna Simpson ‘s art is deeply rooted in historical , ideological and social issues of her time . Her background and photographs provide a bitter and ironic commentary to the condition of the African American woman . Her art defamiliarizes the traditional patriarchal way of envisaging the female body she exposes the invisibility and anonymity of blackness in the representation of whites . This argues that Lorna Simpson ‘s art exposes the eroticizing male gaze of the female body through the interplay between word and image in her artwork

Utilizing symbols and embedding clues function as a subversive counter-representing the black and female body from an objectifying male perspective . This technique allows a dialogical configuration of the body ‘s figuration and its re-signification in the process of perception . In her now canonical article , Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema , Laura Mulvey stated that

In a world ed by sexual imbalance , pleasure in looking has been split between active /male and passive /female . The determining male gaze projects its fantasy on to the female figure that is styled accordingly In their traditional exhibitionist role women are simultaneously looked at and displayed , with their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact so that they can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness Woman displayed , as sexual object is the leit-motif of erotic spectacle from pin-ups to strip tease , from Ziegfeld to Busby Berkeley , she holds the look , plays to and signifies male desire

A woman ‘s represented as erotic spectacle ‘ are the traditional patriarchal ways of envisioning and valuing the female body . Her photographs denounce this bias . Reversing it by hiding it from a predatory gaze . We no longer celebrate the female body as an incarnation of masculine desire , but rather expose a woman ‘s fear and repugnance of despoiling eroticized gaze . The gesture plays a very important part in her work a certain position can re-signify the whole picture displaying confinement and avoidance of external gaze . This is signified by the juxtaposition of word and image conflicting with… [banner_entry_footer]


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