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Look at the images and write: about Semiology , Compositional Interpretation, Audiencing, and Site of the Image Itself

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1 .People drinking at the bar


The elements can be said to be hinting at many things as certain elements of the picture suggest . The common notion that bartenders tend to be men is not present in the image . This may hint at a decidedly more unconventional place , a place where progressive ideas are welcome and where conservatism is not the ruling ideology . There is also an apparent equal number of men and women in the bar hinting that there is no exclusivity in the place . Also noting the attire of [banner_entry_middle]

the people in the picture indicate that they are not in the highest ranks of society after all they do ‘ seem to be wearing haute couture , rather they look like ordinary middle class people , further indicating that one , the bar is not an expensive place to visit , and two , that therefore most everybody can afford to visit the bar . thus , given that different people will have different interpretations , the possible deduction that they may have of the place will likely include the following : age range , fashion atmosphere , and how many people frequent the place among others

In all four pictures there is a recurrence of several elements . These elements include : men and women , bottles of liquor , and lighting , as well as other constitutional elements or things that one usually finds in a bar . Taken together and analyzed these elements represent the focus of the pictures which are about the night life in a downtown bar . If one is to generalize on the atmosphere inside a bar based on the images then it can be said from these pictures that bars are often dimly lit with only a few sources of lighting placed in certain areas around the bar (it cannot be determined from the images the particular reason for the location of these lights , it can also be said that bars are always full and many people drink in these bars . That is if you do not have much of an idea what a bar is . If the viewer is knowledgeable about bars , however , the viewer might note that there is nothing remarkable about these pictures , albeit they are good enough but they are not magazine quality

But in fairness to the bar , it seems full and considering this is not the dance floor , there can hardly be any dancing expected that may show more vibrance

Compositional Interpretation

As mentioned earlier the elements in all four pictures are recurring There are many women and men in the pictures and they all appear to be drinking something except the bartender . Compositionally , the pictures are too dark . Given , they are meant to illustrate a bar scene however , proper placing of lights can highlight and downplay certain aspects that will help present a more appealing vision if these pictures are meant for publicity . This brings us to the next flaw , that there is no discernable subject in some of the pictures that even delivers a clear message . True from the images… [banner_entry_footer]


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