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logistic officers to be appointed to senior military command postions

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Logistics officers to be appointed to senior

Military command positions

Logistics is an important aspect in Military . The quantity of material transported being huge the military needs some people to focus on logistics specifically . Logistics officers take care of this . Under normal situations maintaining logistics is not a big challenge . At times of war logistics plays a key role and maintaining logistics is quite challenging . The place of war , the type of attack (whether it is army navy or air force ) and a lot other things influence the logistics Logistics officer [banner_entry_middle]

needs to act taking into account of these factors

In a war the attack is led by military commanding officer . He plans his attack keeping in view of various factors like terrain , position of the enemy and his own army and the sophistication of the arms used Logistics is also a part of his work . He has to consider the skill levels of both the armies (his own army and the enemy ‘s . A military commanding officer has to know lot of other things apart from logistics

We can compare the roles of commanding officer and logistics officer to manager and technician respectively . While the technician has to worry only about technical details the manager has to consider lot other things like finance . It is helpful for the commanding officers to know about logistics more but the important thing he has to know many other things

A logistics officer can be made a military commanding officer if he has skills in the required areas . It would be advantageous in this case if logistics play a key role in a war . History has many examples illustrating this point . Hitler attacked Russia with a huge army the Russians when World War II was just about to begin . The Russians were not powerful enough to face Hitler ‘s army . The Russians cut off the food supplies to Hitler ‘s army and the army had to starve . The Russians won the war without even fighting ! Clearly logistics was the important factor here . So a logistics officer can become a senior military commander provided he has knowledge of other important aspects of war… [banner_entry_footer]


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