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Logistic Management

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Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management have become as important for firms as their core activities . In a world of ever more demanding customers and global economy , competition is cut throat and firms have no choice but to look at all aspects of their business both external as well as internal to gain a competitive edge in the market In case of emergencies , the need of such scrutiny becomes even more significant . Where the difference between a second saved and a cent contributed is the difference between life and death [banner_entry_middle]

, logistics management no longer remains a profit making activity but a life saver instead

The evolution and thought that goes into logistics management is extraordinary . From basic concepts of moving goods form one point to another , logistics management has evolved to be a major component in determining a products success or failure

This article focuses on these very concepts in light of how they can be applied to an NGO ‘s mission of providing a grief stricken area with emergency supplies as soon as possible in the most efficient and minimal cost way . The execution of such a plan is a tedious task and if successful will prove to be a lifesaver for many

It discusses concepts like JIT , SCM , Military Logistics , medical logistics and finally what the NGO ‘s should apply and what it should avoid in to ensure that its activities run smoothly and help is provided where needed effectively


Logistics started off as distribution techniques that a firm employed to make sure its products reached the intended customer . The management of these channels and processes through which a product has to go after production to reach the customer come under the wing of Logistics management . As the name implies , logistics is the careful assessment and planning of travel of goods from one point to another in a timely efficient , coordinated and safe fashion so as to ensure that the right amount of product reaches the right place without being damaged on the way at the right time . It can be as simple as delivery of a pizza to a customer ‘s doorstep and as complicated as delivery of huge amounts raw materials to a manufacturer overseas in time and getting a lot of finished product back on the same vehicle . It is therefore the integration of information , transportation , inventory , warehousing material handling , and packaging

Logistics : Explained

The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials , work in process , and finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible . With the advent of Globalization , no wonder it has become increasingly difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support Logistics not only contributes to the `place ‘ factor in marketing activities but also to the `price ‘ factor as well because it contributes to the overall cost of production as well . Furthermore , logistics also has a great hand in determining whether a firm can adapt quickly enough t the changing environment by… [banner_entry_footer]


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