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Local Government Consolidation

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Running head : Local Government Consolidation




Local Government Consolidation

Thesis : Local government consolidation can work on some areas of basic government services like the fire department , waste collection and disposal , storm water management , recreation and regional transportation facilities and services

I . Rationale

Since the introduction of the concept of local government consolidation in the 1970s , some local governments from the states of Wisconsin and West Virginia have created committees and study groups to review the lessons of early implementation of the functions [banner_entry_middle]

and services of some local government . Both partial and full consolidation and mergers have been considered and recommendations for the benefits and pitfalls of both approaches have also been outlined . These studies were mainly based from several years of experiences from other states and locales that have had some successes in its implementation of the concept . The focus was on the processes of its implementation and the structure of bureaucracy that implemented the consolidation that made it succeed or a fail

II . Summary of lessons from each area

1 .1 Virginia

With Virginia , the review committee just submitted its findings last February 2005 [3] . The summary of its findings were as follows

1 .1 .1 . Of the characteristics of successful consolidations and reorganizations , it was found that there is streamlined democratic control

1 .1 .2 . A merged or unified local government structure can be transformed into a General Purpose Authority , one that is flexible enough to function and serve whenever and wherever needed

1 .1 .3 . The unified structure also is enabled to have its own Sufficient Independent Financial Resources . It generally means that the unified structure has the ability or is empowered to be able to raise its own operational funds

Of the Positive or successful characteristics of consolidation , here are the summary of findings

1 .2 .1 There is reduced duplication of governmental services and functions . Thus , it saves tax money and manpower resources that can be used elsewhere

1 .2 .2 . There is increased credit strength . Unified government structures have merged borrowing and fundraising capacity as well

1 .2 .3 . There is an ability to attract federal or state funding Precisely because of the unified structure and bigger population base the coverage area warrants bigger federal and state funding allocation

1 .2 .4 . Improved delivery of services

1 .2 .5 . There is also an improved image for a unified and consolidated government . Specifically because of the new and streamlined structure there is more facility to encourage and assists businesses and new industries to relocate and create a bigger market for its products , thus encouraging influx of investors

Meanwhile the negative results of consolidation have been found to be as follows

1 .3 .1 There is immediate loss of identity and autonomy for the smaller government entities

1 .3 .2 . There are fewer local jobs and elected officials

1 .3 .3 . There is a resultant higher tax and fees for suburban and rural residents

1 .3 .4 . There is higher initial… [banner_entry_footer]


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