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Women in the Black Panther Party


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Women in the Black Panther Party


The civil rights movement was one of the greatest historical monuments that built America to its condition today . The term itself refers to a set of noted events in the united stated , staged by a group of people with the aim of eradicating public and private acts of racial discrimination . It happened between 1954 to 1968 , but [banner_entry_middle]

the echo of the movements lasted through the decades and will likely to last through the ages

For African American and other races beside white Caucasians , it was a time to struggle for freedom , justice and most of all , equality . No one was really clear about when the movement first took place , but everyone knows why it took place . Some said that it was Rosa Parks who started the movement by refusing to sit in the back of the bus with other African Americans . Some other believed that it was the black pastor Vernon John that started the movement by telling African American to leave a bus if they are not allowed to sit in the front as white people do . Whichever is true , prior to those years , African Americans were treated like they were second in nature to white people . Realizing that there were nothing really different between them other than skin color and public treatment , African American and white sympathizers acted against individual sentiments and state policies that discriminate or encourage discrimination toward `colored ‘ people

The movement gave birth to numerous organizations which now has their own special places in American history . Within these organizations famous names , male or female , rose and became examples that drove others to pursue the goal of the movement more determinedly . Unfortunately many still considered that male fighters are dominating the movement and women stayed in the kitchen . Within this , we will discuss the role of women in the civil rights movement and how they contribute to the cause . For a more meaningful study we will focus on the Black Panther Party , one of the most recognized organizations in the movement and how women take part in its organizational operations . The is a literature review that evaluates and quotes prior works to gain personal conclusion of the

Women in the Civil rights Movements

According to Erin Texeira (2005 , throughout the civil rights movements women worked as hard as men for the cause of liberating African Americans from oppression . However , she acknowledge that there are little acknowledgement of the fact and that there are several reasons for it . The first reason is because being a woman in those years means fighting for constant sexism . In a sense , that means being a black woman means fighting for both constant racism and sexism . This was one of the factors that gave black women at the time , additional difficulties compare to men , to participate dominantly… [banner_entry_footer]


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