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p Within Medieval Literature , Sir Gawain and The Green Knights is one of the most famous stories within that time period . It is interesting with secure plots and character development and is entertaining as well However , reading Sir Gawain and The Green Knights , one cannot help but feel a little sad at the fact that such codes of chivalry are barely present in our culture today . What is cast off today as old fashioned and puritanical is really the glue that holds a culture together and keeps it thriving : a chivalric code of [banner_entry_middle]

ethics that goes beyond the law and prompts individuals to treat their fellow human beings with the respect that they deserve . The chivalric code of honor speaks to the time when : a man ‘s word was as good as his bond ‘ Now a man ‘s word is as good as the contracts that he writes along with the threat of litigation if he should break that promise . It is not against the law to break your promise to your friend (oral contracts are very hard to prove ) and especially to your enemy as Sir Gawain was faced with but it is against the code of chivalry to do so . What role does the code of chivalry play today ? Sadly , a less than influential one is the case in contemporary society . However , the ideas and appeal towards Camelot is larger than it has been since the 19th century . With the recent historical figures of President Kennedy and his extended family , as well as the live of Princess Diana , the ideas of Camelot during the days of King Arthur have been contemporaries and will not be lost to posterity

In Sir Gawain and the Green Knights , the theme of chivalry is central to the importance and understanding of this classic tale . The ideals of chivalry derive from the Christian concept of morality , and the proponents of chivalry seek to promote spiritual ideals in a spiritually fallen world ‘ Day , M (1990 . King Arthur Through the Middle Ages . The ideals of Christian morality and chivalry are brought under one story in to represent the five virtues of being a knight : friendship generosity , chastity , courtesy and piety . Sir Gawain ‘s following of these virtues is put to the test throughout the entire poem and there is inner struggle with regard to Gawain and his meetings with the lord ‘s wife , Bertilak . Arthur ‘s court depends heavily on the code of chivalry and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight gently criticizes the fact that chivalry values appearance and symbols over truth . Arthur is introduced to us as the most courteous of all ‘ indicating that people are ranked in this court according to their mastery of a certain code of behavior and good manners . When the Green Knight challenges the court , he mocks them for being so afraid of mere words , suggesting that words and appearances hold too much power over the company ‘ Taylor , A (1992 . Classical Heritage of the Middle Ages . The members… [banner_entry_footer]


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