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Character Building

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Character Building

It is often said that what separates man from beast is man ‘s ability to reason however , the degree to which a man is free to reason is frequently constricted by excruciatingly tight bindings . Two of the more common of these bindings are religion and law , and when they conflict , one ‘s ability to reason is placed in jeopardy . A familiar basis for a clashing between religion and law is that those who are deeply religious view [banner_entry_middle]

the teachings of their god (s ) as supreme law (i .e . rules and regulations that cannot be superseded by any man however , god (s ) do (es ) not roam the earth , so man is left to guide himself , and to promote social harmony , man has established a series of laws that must be followed . In addition to formal laws , mankind has also developed a sense of within the groups of which he is a part (e .g . family , business , town , state , nation , and depending on his position within these groups , he may be asked to follow another set of rules . With these obligations in mind , it is no wonder that conflict arises given the layers involved in the individual ‘s reasoning process and anyone who has done internal battle over this type of conflict will surely admit to its difficulty . Artistic genesis is often the result of an artist ‘s mulling over basic human experiences especially , those that seem devoid of an absolute solution , and this is the case in both Sophocles ‘ Antigone , and Shakespeare ‘s Romeo and Juliet : each piece examines the struggles of characters who are trying to reason in the midst of great conflict

Sophocles mixes memory , narration , and visceral emotion to create the world within Antigone , a play that revolves around the title character ‘s choosing to ignore the edict of her uncle , the new king of Thebes because his proclamation regarding the burial of one of her brothers violates the rules set forth by her gods (Sophocles 1999 . Although angering the gods or eternal damnation are only concepts , these issues are as real to those who believe in them as are lightning strikes that hit a house , and it is because of the possibility that these things are real that can use them to reify the tragic sensibilities of their audience , their players , and themselves

Sophocles ‘ use of memory must be examined from two points of view first , what an audience during his time would have known and remembered second , what audiences removed from that time would know and remember This difference was explained by Baity , Kiger , and Van Holt (2003 ) in SCR Playgoer ‘s Guide to Sophocles ‘ Antigone : The character of Antigone hails from perhaps the most famous family in all of Western dramatic literature . Theatergoers today may vaguely remember reading Oedipus Rex or Antigone in school , but for the ancient Greeks the background of these characters was common knowledge ‘ Externally , this is the… [banner_entry_footer]


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