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Literacy is a progressive concept that involves , at its basic stages the decoding of visual , aural , and phonetic information to derive meaning from symbols (Reutzel Cooter , 2005 . However , it continues beyond the realm of understanding straightforward text to inferring meaning from symbolic literature . It also includes the ability to identify important data within a mass of information , and to arrange that data in a coherent manner (Vacca Vacca , 2004 . Content area reading is an important part of the literacy regimen because students need to learn the techniques that enable them to comprehend [banner_entry_middle]

texts of different genres (Daniels Zemelman , 2005 Vacca Vacca , 2004 Literature comes in a wide variety of forms , and its significance cannot always be sought in the same way . In learning a foreign language such as Italian , organizational skills become an essential part of literacy without which a student has little hope of understanding the several branches that constitute the language . The use of graphic organizers to teach literacy in this content area represents an effective method of passing on enduring literacy skills to students (Daniels Zemelman 2005

Good readers take a repertoire of different reading strategies into their experience with their texts . Within a normal school day , a student will be exposed to the literature of approximately six different subjects , and the approaches taken to the construction of each text will be notably different . Reading narrative , for example , usually takes a linear and chronological method of understanding . However , reading a text book on social studies or Italian might take a more spatial orientation . Teaching students the strategies for understanding these different texts equips them with the tools necessary for attacking the content of their varied classes and getting the necessary information from them (Daniels Zemelman , 2005 Vacca Vacca , 2004

Foreign languages , like Italian , are particularly difficult for students to learn because exposure to the language is usually limited to the classroom setting . It is easy for students to get lost with such an unfamiliar context . Students must be given tools to orient themselves quickly to the stable and predictable aspects of the language , so that they might find a footing or base from which to grasp the other aspects of the language . Though it is often necessary to resort to full-scale memorization (for vocabulary , strategic methods of building the schema necessary for learning much of the content of a foreign language will better enable students to grasp its subsequent lessons . Graphic organizers are an excellent way of creating this schema

Understanding the spatially organized nature of the information contained within languages themselves is a key element in constructively imparting to students literacy within the context of that particular language . The grammar of the Italian language forms an integral part of the content that must be learned in the class , and without the ability to organize the mass of information , students will get lost . The Network Tree has been chosen as a suitable tool for teaching the conjugation of regular verbs in Italian (Vacca Vacca , 2004 . The method… [banner_entry_footer]


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