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Life in the Universe

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Life in the Universe

The Significance of Planet X , The Dropas and The Anunnaki

The Internet is replete with sites touting proof of extraterrestrial life in the universe television programs found on channels with a scientific slant , such as Discovery , The Learning Channel , The History Channel , SciFi , and Nova , explore the possibilities of extraterrestrial life on a regular basis a slew of books have been published by those claiming to have had close encounters with alien beings , or to have witnessed events that suggest the presence of such . Many of these claims [banner_entry_middle]

br have been proven fraudulent or misinterpreted , yet some remain persuasive

Currently , there is some compelling evidence that extraterrestrial beings might not only exist , but might also have visited our planet throughout history . While a great majority of this evidence can be dismissed as the meanderings of the bored , mentally ill , or those interested in making money on the naivety of others , some of it is not so easily discharged . As far back as recorded history exists , there are suggestions of extraterrestrial visitations artistic renderings of strange objects in the sky , beings that do not look human , and societies who function at a technological level that defies the development of the era

While modern technology might afford us evidence considered more empirical or irrefutable , in the past , no such evidence could be had Historically , there are numerous depictions in art that suggest an awareness of alien beings or spaceships . One such painting entitled The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by the 15th century artist Domenico Ghirlandaio , depicts a flying saucer type object in the sky over Mary ‘s shoulder , and a man with his dog , staring up at it . It seems clearly to be an alien spacecraft . Now , while paintings are clearly not the same as photographs , but merely renderings from the psyche of the artist , there still has to be some pertinent reason why an artist would place something so odd in his painted sky . The obvious suggestion here , is that he might have seen such an object , or the consciousness of the time was at least partly centered on these things . In 1486 , Carlos Crivelli ‘s painting , The Annunciation with Saint Emidius depicts a spaceship that is sending a beam of light to the head of Mary

But what if faith is not the only avenue toward belief ? What if scientific data in the form of archeology , astronomy , physics and other disciplines point to the truth of extraterrestrial presence on our planet ? Numerous hieroglyphs have been found that are clearly representations of objects in the ancient sky , objects that suggest a technology far advanced for the era . The fact that these objects were airborne at all , was of course cause for investigation . One such relief carving found in the beams of the ceiling of the New Kingdom Temple at the Giza Plateau in Egypt , clearly depicts a modern day helicopter , a submarine , a glider or perhaps a space shuttle (Crystal . It would be difficult to explain these images… [banner_entry_footer]


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