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A Research on Roy Lichtenstein ‘s Yellow and Green Brushstrokes

Personally , I feel that in my own work I wanted to look programmed or impersonal but I don ‘t really believe I am being impersonal when I do it . And I don ‘t think you could do this

– Roy Lichtenstein ADDIN EN .CITE 1112Art Quotes2006December 8http /www .artquotes .n et /masters /lichtenstein-roy-quotes .htm

In 1966 , Roy Lichtenstein (October 27 , 1923 – September 29 , 1997 , a highly acclaimed painter which hails from Harlem , New York , started off as a boy with [banner_entry_middle]

no formal schooling . His artistic influences during these years were not really formal . Growing up during the Great Depression schooling was in fact proved to be a luxury that his family could not afford

Lichtenstein was pretty much considered to be as the next best thing after Andy Warhol during the movement towards Pop Art in the 1960 ‘s . His works often depict common everyday art such as comic strips upon which the treatment that he employs maybe considered as a form of borrowed modern yet adaptive advertising campaigns . It was also in this time that he was able to complete much of his timeless pieces that include various murals , paintings , stencils , and sculptures , wherein he was able to make use of a variety of techniques such as lithographs , woodcuts , etchings and screenprints . He would also employ these techniques in variations which created a different effect on some of his works . Many of his works today are scattered all over the world in some of the finest museums for modern art . Included here were his painting , Yellow and Green Brushstrokes , an 84 x 180 inches oil and magna on canvas which right now hangs on one of the galleries of the Museum f ‘r Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt , Germany

Roy Lichtenstein : From Childhood to Early Adulthood

The Lichtenstein who grew up to become an acclaimed artist that we know of today really had no formal education much less in the arts during his childhood years . He only began to attend classes in painting at Parson ‘s School of Design during weekends at the age of 14 because it was in this time that the United States was under the height of the Great Depression in the 1930 ‘s . Proven to be talented in spite of certain situations , he also had a brief stay at the Art Students ‘ League in New York from 1940 to 1943 . In the advent of the Second World War , he was briefly sent to Europe to join the US Army . After that , he was then admitted to Ohio State University in 1946 until he was able to gain his M .A . in 1949 . Our artist in discussion doubled his time here between studying and part-time teaching at the same time . He also held on to have his first one-man exhibition which did not work out just fine . This was in New York in 1951 . He then went on to teach at various universities throughout the country after a brief stint in designing windows . This particular stage in his life served as the catalyst for many more artworks that defined his career

Pop Art Influences

During his studying years at the Ohio State University , he went on to become friends with a couple of his teachers , Hoyt L . Sherman and Allan Karpow . It was believed that this friendship with Sherman is a pivotal stage in his career wherein significant impacts in his artworks were materialized . Proof of this later on further strengthened after Lichtenstein funded and dedicated an art studio in honor of his teacher at OSU : the Hoyt L . Sherman Studio Art Center

Since Richard Hamilton started the Pop Art revolution in Great Britain during the late 1950 ‘s , Yellow and Green Brushstrokes , along with the rest of Lichtenstein ‘s Brushstroke series , is considered to be an example of pop art . The pop art movement basically was defined by using famous images , celebrities , food items , as the symbol of society along with mass production and depersonalization ADDIN EN .CITE America n Pop Art2006December 82006http /www .geocities .com /art_andy /popart .htm (2006 . The movement basically promotes the usage of seemingly ordinary items present during the 1960 ‘s into a full-blood work of art . Through this , interpretation does not solely rely on so much beauty and symbolism that concerns man that lies over at items that are mass-produced . Pop arts like the Yellow and Green Brushstrokes along with the other brushstroke series paintings offered an easy to understand approach of conveying the messages that the painter would like to give to the audience . Not only is it readily available to art lovers , but also proven to be available for all . For those who are not used to Pop Art , seeing one could be surprising if not shocking . The target audience usually is the masses . Pretty much the same as the ones that advertising relates to yet the message it transmits was a reflection of the time that it was in . Artists of the pop revolution usually borrow ‘ much of the concepts for their works from the current advertising trends and sources . Advertisements in billboards , comic strips , and magazine illustrations are just among the things that pop artists refer to with their works , unusual at that time where the traditional sources dominate the main stream art circuits . Most , if not all , artists already have experiences or work in the advertising industry from early on and mostly are influenced by it . Pop Art opened a new age of modernism and presented such works like the Yellow and Green Brushstrokes ‘ in a fashion that is familiar to the current dominating culture , which was heavily influenced by the invention of the television . Pop Art defined a new emerging age wherein traditional artists has failed to do as such

Lichtenstein ‘s Ticket to Fame

Roy Lichtenstein pretty much took the path that another famous artist of the pop art movement , Andy Warhol , who briefly to worked at a commercial advertising enterprise for a brief span of time wherein he made several drafts and designs for windows

His primary experiments with Pop Art usually tackle works that went back to about the 1950 ‘s wherein he created the popular print , Ten Dollar Bill . He then followed it with further experiments on abstract painting which lasted for about three years . During this time , Abstract Expressionism ‘ was the primary art movement . Roy Lichtenstein at this time was getting old yet still unknown in the mainstream art circuit

Fame however knocked on Lichtenstein ‘s doorstep after the creation of his comic strip-styled artwork : a painting of Disney favorites Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck , Look Mickey in 1961 . The main target of this comic strip-styled artwork is primarily kids which were later on followed by other Lichtenstein works that focuses onto targeting kids by using familiar figures seen on cartoons and movies . And after obtaining enough finances to be able to support his living , he stopped his teaching career and concentrated on painting

Lichtenstein on Yellow and Green Brushstrokes

I think we ‘re much smarter than we were . Everybody knows that abstract art can be art , and most people know that they may not like it , even if they understand there ‘s another purpose to it

Roy Lichtenstein

The Brushstrokes series which was done in 1966 was the one that further established Roy Lichtenstein as a Pop Art Icon alongside with Andy Warhol . It conveys the vision of a society wherein the norms are defied and notions are broken down . Artworks such as the brushstroke greatly helped in tearing down the in formidable divide that used to exist between the High Art ‘ and Low Art , creating a new definition for the term art

Lichtenstein ‘s work is defined by bold colors , thick outlines , and the utilization of HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Benday_Dots ” \o “Benday Dots ” Benday Dots which was unique in his works to represent certain colors , which is comparable to real and actual pictures . Not only does he try to copy his subjects but he conveys it through the way that the media sees it . Matter of fact , when Lichtenstein first revealed his works , it was met with so much criticisms that Lichtenstein was even label to be a plagiarist of ideas

In terms of aesthetics , Lichtenstein achieved the color harmony of conveying message through the utilization of basic colors and then mixing them all up to create one theme . It also shows the flexibility of the colors to simulate some sort of intimidation in the part of the audience yet triggers certain emotions that make the painting more effective ADDIN EN .CITE Bocola4412Bocola SandroThe Art Of Modernism2006December 8http /www .sandrobocol a-booksonline .com /CSS /index_english .html 1 (Bocola

The illusion that is employed by Lichtenstein in his artwork , Yellow and Green Brushstrokes ‘ is borne out of seemingly common of a concept and makes it look like it was edited or for most of his critiques plagiarized

Overall , the ability of Roy Lichtenstein to effectively play with the elements involved in his artworks and convey the messages he wants to pass to his audience has truly made him a Pop Art icon and his works timeless pieces

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