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Legion of Doom

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The Legion OF Doom

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PART I : The Introduction of New Technology

into the Human Society 1

PART II : History of the Legion of Doom 7

PART III : The End of the Legion of Doom and its

Effects to the Society

What should be done about

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hacking crimes ? 10




Today ‘s present society rely so much on the technological inventions and communication developments that has been introduced to the current human civilization . Most of the said inventions had their own advantages for the daily lives of the human society . However , as years progressed man has been able to develop ways in which the said technological developments could be used to pursue selfish goals . Among the said operations that has been developed within the society is computer hacking

In this , a well-known group of hackers shall be discussed . Their history and their operation ‘s impact on the society shall also be tackled . In this regard , this further aims to educate the reader on what should be done in situations where hackers tend to invade the privacy of confidential s


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The Legion of Doom


The Introduction of New Technology into the Human Society

New technologies tend to ease the way that people live their daily lives . Computers , as for example , are duly designed to help the human society with the regular duties that they ought to perform . However , the development of technology , computers at that , have been continuously taking greater picture as the years go by

The development of computers , especially regarding networking systems through the aid of the Internet , has caused many revolutions in the part of social development . On the positive view , it could be observed how computer , along with internet applications , has brought a certain measure of improvement to the human civilization (Levy , 1984 , 52

Economic trade as well as world politics has been constantly booming since the introduction of the Internet to the human society . The continuous growth of the said technological innovation is clearly a revolution in the part of this civilization ‘s history . However , the effects of technology in the human society are not completely positive It could be noted that through technology , the birth of cyber terrorism has also

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been introduced to the society . Different crimes are normally becoming a part of the regular normal life of the human society . It is through the massive sharing of informations through the use of internet networking did the introduction of identity robbery or identity theft have been opened to the human community

Telecommunication phreaking and computer hacking became the best-known crimes that electronic experts commit . Unbelievably , the said crimes are the best source of income for the said technology experts (Turkle , 1984 144 . The existence of available informations regarding financial companies , banks , and other international trade details through the internet have invited computer hackers and telecommunication phreaks to utilize technology to be able to access to some security measures used by the financial establishments mentioned above

This is when the birth of hacker groups has been further established and has been actively operating for their different focus of concern The Legion of Doom was then known to be among the elite group of hackers who have created a certain name and reputation in the hacker ‘s so-called community . Their ability to create access towards the secured informations of several

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financial and political sites that are available through the internet have earned for them several millions of dollars which was able to support further operations which they have planned to pursue

To be able to understand the reality and the important informations related to the issue being tackled in this , it is recommended by the author that the major terms that involve the such as telecommunication phreaking and computer hacking first be discussed as part of the introduction of this research . This shall be addressed in the paragraphs that would follow through

Telecommunication Phreaking-What is it

Phreaking is a term that is mainly applied to the duty of the people who are involved in experimenting different matters of development in the field of telecommunications . The said term is a mixture of two main terms that mainly describe the job that is suggested by the said operation . The said terms are Phone ‘ and Freak . This definitely refers to the `freaked ‘ acts that telecommunication experts perform in the connection of phones in some specific areas . The groups doing such tasks are directly creating turmoil in the telecommunication systems due to their own designated reasons of concern (Slatalla , et al , 1995 147

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The spelling of the said name or term , which includes the letter `h for `phreaking , refers to hacking [which would be discussed later] . The operations that are commonly related to phreaking telecommunication systems are telephone banding , telephone patches whereas the confidentiality of the communication between two people is rather jeopardized and less given regard by the sad groups . More often than not , this system is used to be able to re-open to the public what certain personalities talk about through phones that are believed to have great concerns on the social make up of a certain community

As for example , in the Philippines , the President [Mrs . Gloria Macapagal Arroyo] has long been accused of having been utilizing political propaganda during the elections to be able to attain the position of presidency . The opposition group has not been able to give proof to the said allegation . However , it was not long when a tapped conversation between the president and an election officer [Garci] has been discovered . The said conversation gave proof on the allegations and has made the president say sorry ‘ to the public in a national telecast speech (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ‘s June 27 , 2005 statement .Internet

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The said situation was further enhanced by the existing telecommunication controlling system , which is known to be a part of telephone phreaking . As seen here , the existence of telephone phreaking operations have made it possible for some issues to be clarified and further discussed especially when the issues concern political agendas and corruption . In some ways , it could be noted that the example cited in here may be more shifted on the fine effects of phone phreaking in the society . However , the invasion of privacy of confidential conversations may trigger fear in the society especially in terms of technology usage

Computer Hacking – Deeper Discussions on the Matter

Hacking is often regarded as a way by which technology experts find a way to fix a certain problem . However , as time developed , the hacking system and aims began to change . Today , hacking is more related to criminal acts of computer wizards who are able to control certain cyber systems that are present in the human society

Operations that are more complex have been noted to be the focus of some hackers in the computer arena . Several hackers to be able to leak some information to militants have attacked military communication systems . This way , the rebellious acts of

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the present society against the national governments of different countries around the world became possible . This is the reason why governments and law enforcers have been much alarmed on the possible effects that the said technological operations could have upon the human society and its security system implications (Dreyfus , 1997 , 65

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History of the Legion of Doom

The year 1986 paved way to the birth of the development of different computer related crimes . A German national became the first hacker on the list of computer crimes ever created . It has been noted through the reports that the first computer crime to ever happen has been operated without so much complex process . The said accused individual was known to have accessed the Berkeley information area through the internet which in turn had an access to some military information , which are supposed to be highly confidential

With this situation , the government agencies that have had their confidential information saved through computer systems have been alarmed in making the security systems harder to access . However , the efforts of the government have duly failed in implication because of the possibilities that has been opened for developing different hacking activities

Later on , several expert hackers decide to create for themselves a group that would stand in coordination with their main aims of operating . The group that has been widely known and was strongly active from the 1980 ‘s towards the 1990 ‘s was the Legion of Doom . A person who had a code name of Lex Luthor

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founded it . The said name was based upon the DC comics animated series entitled The Justice League , whereas Lex Luthor stands to be the villain of the series , who is trying to hinder the Justice League from pursing their noble aims to the earth (Verton , 2002 , 47

The said series has closely the same idea on the operating activities of the Legion of Doom Hackers . According to reports , the activities of the Legion of Doom involved exploitation of several informations regarding certain confidential matters especially in connection with political systems of the US government . The said elite group of hackers has had their own electronic publications , which have opened up the mind of the public regarding the intricate informations regarding military and political operations of the government . The said electronic bulletins included : The Legion of Doom Board , Plovernet , The Farmers of Doom Board and so on and so forth (Britz , 52

Although the law enforcers of the United States government who have their great concerns focused on the operations of technological hackers such as the Legion of Doom have clearly stated and marked the LoD group to be incurring criminal-like offenses against the public institutions who have their informations over the computer networking systems several

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members of the group say otherwise . According to some of the members of the group , they could be referred to as agents of truth (Britz ,2004 47 . This is mainly because of the fact that they are able to uncover the flaws that are present in the government as well as institutions related to social accounts and as a result , the said flaws are further attended to by the authorities for further fixing and developments

However , although the positive aims of the group has been mentioned by some of its members , it could not be denied that most of the operational activities of the said group are rather negatively influential to the society with regards their view of the government along with the propagandas that they have planned for the society

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The End of the Legion of Doom and its Effects to the Society

What should be done about computer hacking crimes

The entire group of LoD has planned a major attack towards the national telephone network systems in the entire American Region during an Independence Day celebration during the year 1990 . Unfortunately , the plan has failed , as the American Secret Service was able to obtain several informations with regards the said operation . Hence , the operation was further ceased and controlled by the said government agency

However , the end of the group was not the occurrence of the said situation . Further operations pursued by the group happened and later on , several agents of the Secret Service of the American government were rather embarrassed as they were accused to have been the ones creating process of restricting the privacy measures of the so-called hackers

Later on , the application of passed anti-computer hacking law has caused the entire Legion of Doom group to fall apart . Several members of the said hackers ‘ operational organization have faked their deaths to be able to run away from the searching activities of the FBI and the Secret Service Agents of the American Government The Legion page 11 What must be done regarding this issue ? Yes , further controlling laws must be applied to be able to at least minimize the attacks of unrenowned hackers in the human society . Certainly , it could be noted that as the Internet and technological systems continue to develop there would always be some hackers who would have their own goals to apply in to become a part of the cyber organizations that try to unfold confidential informations regarding certain organizations , which in turn would earn them a certain amount of money

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Everything in the human society , including technological revolutions such as computer system applications has both the advantages and disadvantages for the society . This is the reason why it is necessary especially for the ones involved in the issue to have a direct control of themselves as to how they are supposed to utilize the current advancements of technology in the human society

The freedom that is present in the present human civilization has made it possible for identity theft crimes to occur especially in terms of internet and computer networking systems . Cyber terrorism ha also occurred because of this provision from the laws . However , the said provision has not been much of a complete disadvantage to the society As it could be seen , because of freedom along with the development of technology , the respect for privacy options may not be that applicable in the human community anymore

As for this matter , the constant attention towards one ‘s privacy or a company ‘s confident informations and the security measures applied upon them should be well arranged and operated by computer owners . By doing this , it could be expected that the

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existing challenge of dealing with expert computer hackers could be won by any national government that would strongly have great impact in the present human society

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