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Medical Profession is `accountable ‘ to the society and obliged to the laws regulating the professional activity . Although in most of the medical litigations , the severity of the patient disability has been predictive in judgments in favor of the patients , negligence does have an impact on importance of high-quality medical care and doctor accountability in adverse medical events . The Court usually award three types of damages .1 .Compensatory damages – for an injured plaintiff ‘s economic losses , costs of health [banner_entry_middle]

care and lost wages . 2 . Compensatory damages – for non economic losses including pain , suffering associated to injury and 3 . Punitive damages – in cases where a defendant (here , a doctor ) has been found to have acted in a willful fashion , demonstrating negligence with no regard for the patient ‘s well being . Medical malpractice law is part of tort , or personal injury law


Adrian Bowe , 31 , from Dearhem near Mary port in UK won ?3 million in damages – the reason – He suffered a massive stroke in April 2000 completely paralyzing him because his GP failed to refer him to a specialist for medical treatment . He needs professional medical care for the rest of his life and will not be able to work again . Mr .Bowe first went to the doctor complaining dizziness and blurred vision . The doctor incorrectly diagnosed a migraine and his diagnosis remained unchanged despite Mr .Bowe making further visits . A year after the consultation Mr .Bowe ‘s mother Patricia found him collapsed at his home . Subsequent tests revealed a massive stroke . In court , it was judged that the doctor should have referred Mr .Bowe to a neurologist based on his symptoms which were clear warnings of a stroke and was a strong case of wrong diagnosis (http /www .medneg .com . Edward Wilson d a lawsuit against the Beverly Health Care center , West Virginia which was responsible for his wife Carol ‘s death in Jan 2004 . He alleged that she died from sepsis due to multiple urinary tract infections she had developed due to poor infection control methods , during assisted toileting . The death of Nardia , 32 , in Feb 2002 after a hysterectomy at Mater hospital has brought the senior surgeon under scrutiny although he was not excluded or cancelled from the Queens land Medical Board . Shahzadi Shahida Sultana , 35 , Pakistan died after a 10 inch forceps was left out in her abdomen during a caesarean section . Two doctors were suspended after her relatives lodged a complaint against five women doctors in 2005 (http /www .medneg .com

A private hospital in Milan , Italy , has been asked to handover for police verification of the medical records of at least twenty one cases who had heart valve surgery , following complaints that the surgeon replaced heart valves even in patients who did not need them replaced . A medical hospital has been pushed into a centre of a litigation storm after allegations of abnormally high death rate in its emergency wing Thirteen deaths are… [banner_entry_footer]


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