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Legal, Business, and Ethical Considerations

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Legally and ethically , Marge ‘s company has no choice but to send Marge (and any other female employees ) to Korea and any other country that will provide international experience . However , the pragmatic business implications of such a decision are much more complex and require that the company remain true to its clients and send salespeople with whom the Koreans are comfortable working

Question 1

Legal ramifications of sending Marge to Korea

It is illegal to discriminate against an employee because of her sex . Holding Marge and other female employees [banner_entry_middle]

back from obtaining international experience will set the company up for a discrimination lawsuit . The men who have been able to gain experience overseas will have the upper hand when it comes to promotions and pay raises Therefore , Marge ‘s boss may have to weigh the cost of ongoing lawsuits against the cost of losing business by sending women to countries in which they ‘re not wanted . An alternative solution , which will be discussed later , is to ensure that Marge and her female counterparts receive equitable , comparable experience in other countries , those which welcome women into the business world

Ethical considerations

Marge ‘s company is probably typical of most in that it tries to diversify its hiring practices by reaching out to women and other groups likely to be discriminated against . The last thing they want to do is to exercise discrimination within the company by refusing to send Marge and other women to countries like Korea , where they are not willing to work with women . From an ethical standpoint , it is wrong to hold Marge back from this opportunity . As the case mentions that Marge is one of the best salespeople , one must assume that she has been with the company for a while and has proven herself . Denying her the chance for international experience will hurt her career . She should have been warned up front that the company dealt with countries that were hesitant about dealing with women . Marge could have taken that information into consideration when deciding whether or not to take the job

The company also has an ethical responsibility to its employees and clients . If they become known for forcing unwanted salespeople on their clients , they will lose business . This will ultimately be disastrous for the company in general and the employees in particular . In addition citizens of the United States have traditions which are expected to be upheld by other countries . It would be wrong for Marge ‘s company to force women on the Koreans and not expect equally hostile behavior in return

A business perspective /the bottom line

Marge ‘s boss needs to handle this situation from a pragmatic business perspective . This requires that he balance the good of the company as a whole with the good of the employees . In for the company to grow and prosper , it needs to bring in clients rather than lose them . Therefore , Marge and her female co-workers cannot be sent to Korea under any circumstances… [banner_entry_footer]


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