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Nano-technologies and Nano-science

It is a common knowledge that nano-technologies and nano-science are rather popular nowadays and the customer ‘s rate is swiftly growing Scientists claim that contemporary nano-technologies offer wide range of opportunities and benefits . For example , it is known that nano-technologies aim at solving many problems relating to water and air conditions . Further , it is claimed than nano-technologies should be used to save land , food , water due to cheaper greenhouses to make solar energy feasible to significantly improve living spaces to make computers cheaper to everyone . However , the main [banner_entry_middle]

advantages of nano-technologies are that they aim at improving the environment medicine as well as at removing causes of distress and at reducing social unrest (Schuler 2004

Nevertheless , people should proceed to be cautious before adopting and utilizing nano-technologies as little is said about the risks associated with using technologies . Firstly , it is necessary t collect more scientific information about the potential risks related to nano-materials . The failure to understand the hazards of nano-technologies may lead to certain damages and health problems , for example . Despite the claims that nano-technologies are the technological revolution and nano-technologies are transforming perception of everything to homeland security , such scientific progress is associated with lots of fears about the unknown consequences of adopting those technologies . Some scientists assert that it is even necessary to cal for moratorium till the consequences are revealed and analyzed (Schuler 2004

Humans ‘ exposure to nano-particles is still unknown as well effects on health and environment . It is noted that nano-particles are characterized by greater activity and may be toxic damaging humans defense system and tissues . Therefore , it is necessary to remain precautious towards and analyze everything before utilizing nano-technologies as little is known about the impact of nano-particles The best advice is to wait certain period of time till risks and benefits of nano-technologies are weighted (Schuler 2004

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