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The harder you push , the harder the system pushes back ‘ is the 2nd law in The Laws of the Fifth Discipline . These laws are the core of a process called systems thinking and the concept is that it ‘s best to manage the system , not just the individual processes (West Cianfrani , 2004 ,

. 69 ) Corporations have a tendency to look at the direct linear cause and effect relationships ‘ rather than looking at interactions (West Cianfrani , 2004 ,

. 69 ) Peter Senge ‘s book The Fifth Discipline identified 10 laws that defined systems thinking p [banner_entry_middle]

The 2nd law in The Laws of the Fifth Discipline can be interpreted as Compensating feedback ‘ Senge defines this as when well-intentioned interventions call forth responses from the system that offset the benefits of the intervention (Senge , 1990 ,

. 58 ) In other words , the more effort exerted to change or improve the current organizational processes , the more effort it requires . Organizations have experienced this process when , for example , a product or brand suddenly begins to lose its popularity within the market . When organizations begin to push new marketing strategies aggressively it often turns out that more revenue is spent on the marketing efforts with only a temporary pay back . This process is not only limited to the business market , it can also be illustrated in personal experiences Senge uses the smoker as an example – if a person who is a regular smoker suddenly quits he or she might begin to gain weight , become frustrated with personal appearance and then suddenly begin smoking again (Senge , 1990 ,

. 59

As humans it is natural for us to get drawn into the process of compensating feedback . We push harder and it ‘s exhausting and we often glorify the suffering that ensues (Senge , 1990 ,

. 59 ) When our efforts to produce change fail initially , we push harder and often have the belief that our hard work and effort will overcome all of the obstacles in front of us . However , compensating feedback is a process where we become blind to the fact that our efforts are actually contributing to the current obstacles we are facing as well as creating others we must overcome (Senge , 1990 ,

. 59-60

Over the past two decades information and communication technology has continuously evolved and has empowered small businesses and large corporations with new emerging markets and tools . The Internet has become the information highway and has impacted both social and economic relationships in various sectors such as education , health , government trade and tourism (Waddell Singh , 2003 ,

. vii ) In to maintain its impact on society the information technology must continuously evolve to compensate for future needs for both local and global societies (Waddell Singh , 2003 ,

. VI ) Focusing on one idea or concept that does not elicit long-term success consumes time and effort that is imperative to online success

The consistent evolution of technology and the platforms provided are numerous and are impacting our society regularly . These newly emerging technologies affect the way we do business… [banner_entry_footer]


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