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Leadership – An Analysis

Leadership is more than just a role one plays within the framework of his or her profession . It is also a complex value system that very few have been able to master and those who have mastered it generally go on to become highly successful individuals . So what exactly is leadership within the context of an attainable skill that one needs to develop

Before one understands what leader is , one needs to understand what leadership categorically is not . On the most basic level , leadership is not authoritarianism . In other [banner_entry_middle]

words , a leader who forces his or her subordinates to perform certain tasks or conduct themselves in a certain manner is not effective leadership . In fact , such an oppressive attitude will ultimately undermine the effectiveness of whatever goals the leader ‘ is seeking to perform as those who are subordinate to the leader will eventually depart en mass , mainly because the oppressive environment will become to stifling to stay involved with . You can make a difference . Not by rigidly following the rules or by handing down moral authority from on high like your own home grown version of the ten commandants . Not by forcing your values onto the people you lead . But by returning to the fundamentals of leadership that we learned long ago from our parents , churches and schools . (Barnett

Also , simply because one is in charge and mandating rules and directives does not automatically equate leadership material . Again , this is simply another form of authoritarianism . Simply stating s does not mean that those s will be the right course of action to undertake and the mere fact that there will be those `forced ‘ to comply does not provide any legitimacy to inaccurate assessments , ideologies or business directives . This leads to a point that is core to successful leadership potential : a leader will , at his or her very core , have a sense of merit to the directives that are being put forth and communicates these merit based values in a manner that is clear

In other words , the epicenter of great leadership is great communication . Communication is the glue that holds organizations together . It helps prevent calamity and fosters performance . Through self-conscious development and frequent practice of the art of organizational communication , communication failures should become communication successes . (Baldoni ) That is to say , if a leader is able to communicate his or her directives and a clear manner that is understandable to all . If one is not clear , one can not lead . The reason for this is people will not be able to follow directions that they can not understand . Such lack of quality communication will eventually undo any leadership potential that a person might have

Of course , great communication will never save leadership potential if the leadership directives of the people in charge are seemingly without the aforementioned virtue of merit based action . That is , there needs to be an underlying value present within the leadership ideology of the person in charge . There need to… [banner_entry_footer]


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