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Language and power

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Language and Power Dr . Ketaki Datta Language is the medium of expression of human beings . Animals may have their own charter of language , but we hardly know about any , that too authorized . Even in our dreams we need the help of language to muse or soliloquize or interact with others . Language , of course , varies with situations and contexts . It goes without saying that language has tremendous power to fit and necessarily mould itself according to the requirements of the given situation . At the dawn of civilization when man had yet to [banner_entry_middle]

discover a language to communicate among themselves , the exchange of ideas and feelings hardly remained withdrawn . The sign language born out of gestures came to fill in the hiatus for a given period of time . Yet , the communication without language was lacking in that particular power . Thereafter with the invention of language , man felt comfortable to express his ideas , feelings , sentiments , emotions more effectively . Along with the advancement of language , man now knows the varied forms of its use in different contexts . Mostly , this exercise is not deliberate , but spontaneous

Language sometimes becomes extraneous in some relationships . It is learnt from authoritative sources that whenever Beckett used to meet Joyce at his residence the duo hardly talked to each other , rather felt the need of feeling each other silently . It is also known that sometimes Joyce spoke up breaking the ice , How could the idealist Hume write a history ‘ Beckett ‘s reply used to come pat and dry , A history of representation ‘ Such dry conversation can hardly certify any relationship with deep roots . But in such cases silence has a tongue of its own

Language , no doubt , changes along with the context . Why not take a specific case of a man who has to play several roles at the same time While , as a caring husband he coos sweet nothings into the ears of his once-upon-a time-lover wife , his language is driven by true heartfelt emotion , and naturally tends to be poetic . When the same man takes his subordinate in the office to task , he has the most harsh language that he hardly desists to utter and again when he is a loving `dad ‘ at home the sweetness of his language can win any heart , can pacify the umbrage of any irate tiny tot ! See him again as a responsible son of an incapacitated , wizened father and his soothing , caressing words will assuage any wound his once-doting father might have nursed This is to show how a person automatically responds to a certain situation with his dynamic , protean language . Language is like a river it has ripples , it can change its course as and when required , topping all , it has tremendous power to influence , to move , to mesmerize . Are we not reminded of Milton ‘s Paradise Lost Book One , where infuriated adamant Satan utters five powerful speeches to rouse the fallen angels in the Lake of Fire , in this context ? How is the language of Satan here Rabble-rousing , inspiring… [banner_entry_footer]


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