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Lack of Motivation/ work ethic in American youth

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Lack of Motivation / work ethic in American youth


Every one is faced with the challenge of living his life amidst the challenges that it presents to the individual . The individual must determine the way he must live his life , the way he is supposed to live his life , and how to behave or react to the situations that life presents to him . In a way , all individual carries a goal in his life in for him to get what he wants and what he deserves . Through these situations , one may feel [banner_entry_middle]

overwhelmed and incapable of making the right choices at the right time . there are also several times in which a person will experience failure and be wrong about the decisions in his life . To understand the cause of failure , the emotions that contributes and results to failure , entails a sense of lack of interest for the individual to pursue his dreams or aspirations in life . All these things are a contributing factor to the development of motivation in the individual . Or the absence of which defines the lack of motivation

The will explore the concept of motivation . In doing so , the discussion regarding how motivation is developed and the reasons for the lack of it will be evaluated . Specifically , the will examine why American youths lacks motivation and work ethic despite the opportunities presented to them in a first-world country like the United States . To begin , let us define the concept of motivation . Motivation is defined as a noun that gives a person a reason to act (Encarta , 2006 It can also be defined as the desire of an individual to accomplish a goal or participate in any activity that promotes his goals and aspirations in life . Motivation is the driving force behind the actions and behaviors of an organism . It is the internal state or condition that gives direction or desire to drive the person towards a goal-oriented behavior . Motivation should also be understood as based on emotions . It is the search for positive emotional experiences . A person motivated tries not to worry about the challenges or the negative ideas when facing challenges . Motivation is essential to be part of one person ‘s growth and life because simply , it involves the person ‘s performance in all learned responses to the challenges

One good theoretical definition of motivation is used by Abraham Maslow in his developed concept , the hierarchy of needs . The hierarchy of needs explains how personality influences different fields of and within the individual . Maslow uses the hierarchy to reflect the realities of personal experiences . Maslow as a psychology theoretician is classified in one of the school of though in psychology which is the humanist approach . In the particular view , their approach is not based on mechanical forces , reinforcements or stimuli , unconscious instinctual impulses or how other psychology school of thought perceives it Humanist believes that the individual ‘s potentials drive him to his success . Maslow attributed that the fullness of one ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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