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Kodak Vs. Fuji

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Kodak vs Fuji


The case study is about the struggle in the global film industry involving two of its greatest players , Kodak and Fujifilm , other competitors and newcomers , along with elaboration of how conditions of the global business environment have influenced the industry Specifically , the case study argues that Kodak has been lazy in maintaining its leadership in the global film industry and letting Fuji and other competitors take away parts of the otherwise stable and `controlled ‘ market

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the threat of the digital photo industry which existence threatens to take over existing markets in the film industry . Some considers this issue quite important because the digital industry has several advantages over the traditional film industry Nevertheless , both company stated that they have strategies to deal with such threat Kodak : Protecting Strategic Advantages and Facing New Challenges

Kodak is often criticized for letting another incidence of `Japanese takeover ‘ happen in the global industry . The history of Japanese takeover in various global industries (including the motorcycle and high-tech industries ) has been so well-known that it increases the pain of yet another Japanese aggressive move to dominate the global market share of an industry . In the global film industry however , Fujifilm , the Japanese based industry is not yet taking over the first place in the global film markets . According to the case study , the latest report indicated that both company , Eastman Kodak Company and Fujifilm has similar strength in the global market , each controlling one-third of the global film market

Despite the current strategy , Kodak can still preserve its leadership by performing the following strategies

Engaging on price competition to the required level

Kodak manager stated that kodak would not engage in price wars as many would have suspected . He believes that the best way to deal with the challenge is by searching for better ways to attract customers through product development and innovation however , a considerable attention should be allocated to price management . This is necessary because price is one a very important determinant of buying preferences . As the manager of Southwest airline once said , it is better to see price as a pert of the value offered to customers rather than seeing it as a last resort because inability to enhance product quality

Foreign market

As stated in the case study , there has been a sponsorship war occurs between Kodak and Fuji . This promotion war seems to happen in every market both companies are targeting . However , Kodak is loosing the battle when it comes to promoting its product overseas and especially in Asian markets . In the previous years , the Asian market has seen Fuji as it number one supplier of quality films

In some nations , Kodak ‘s retail and customer service centers were replaced by Fujifilm ‘s retail center . The reason for this change of wind is the lack of investment by Kodak toward Asian markets . Kodak should enhance their competitiveness in these foreign markets by increasing promotional activities

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