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RESEARCH CENTERhttp /www .gdrc .org /uem /eia /l ecture-notes .html (Paoletto , 2006

Steps on Environmental Impact Assessment for Suburban Residential Areas

In making an EIA , there are various approaches that can be followed The primary step is surveying of the area where you would construct a structure , in this case a house . Considering that this is a suburban are , there are other people living nearby . The primary step is to survey and analyze the location . Determine how far is the nearest house in the place you are going to build the [banner_entry_middle]

structure . Know whether the construction would greatly affect that household , like positioning of septic tanks or garbage disposal units . After that , thoroughly analyze the environment . Are there trees in the site you are going to build the structure ? If so , how many of those trees will have to be cut ? How will it affect the ecology in that area ? That and many other questions should be taken into consideration . All the concerns should be addressed with utmost importance in making an Environmental Analysis Impact ADDIN EN .CITE Environ mental Strategy for HdmeBEST ENVIRONMENT FOR PEOPLE2006 Hdme Regional Environment Centrehttp /www .ymparisto .fi /defau lt .asp ?node 19327 lan en a3 (2006

Benefits of an EIA and the problems that could arise if it is ignored When full coverage Environmental Impact Analysis is done before any construction or project , it helps conserve the environment an promote a healthier living condition for the people . An EIA ensures that you are provided with clean and safe drinking water . Thru an EIA , you are also assured of a clean air and access to sunlight , wherein plants could grow , thus make the place healthier and livelier . It also helps avoid excessive garbage problems and many more ADDIN EN .CITE PritchardD . E . Pritchard Environmental Impact… [banner_entry_footer]


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