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The descent of King Lear

A look at his progression from denial , to rage , to isolation

The play King Lear by William Shakespeare is a dark tragedy that revolves around the life of King Lear , a man who is deceived by the love of his daughters Regan , Goneril , and Cordelia and in the process , finds that they become his downfall . It is set in pre-Roman Britain and is generally considered one of Shakespeare ‘s greatest plays , and most especially one of his best tragedies . In Act II there is a particularly tragic [banner_entry_middle]

scene in which King Lear progresses through the emotions of denial , rage , and isolation when he discovers that one of his daughters has been deceiving him and is plotting against him . In this scene , his progression through these emotions is skillfully accomplished by the playwright

As Act II , scene iv opens we are presented with the characters of King Lear and Kent discussing the misdeeds of his daughter Regan and her husband as they plotted against Lear , Regan ‘s own father . The premise is that Lear had sent a messenger to his daughter ‘s home and the messenger was not given the respect he was due . For this reason , Lear becomes defensive of his daughter , not wanting to believe what he is hearing from Kent , who has been put in the stocks , to Lear ‘s dismay : What ‘s he that hath so much thy place mistook / To set thee here ‘ Kent ‘s response is that it was Lear ‘s own daughter and son , and to this Lear becomes extremely defiant : They durst not do ‘t

They could not , would not do ‘t ’tis worse than murder / To do upon respect such violent outrage (Act 2 , scene iv . In this simple discussion we see the denial in King Lear , who has always trusted his children and loved them dearly . He continues to argue with Kent , saying that it could not be so that he was put in the stocks by his children all the while showing that he does not want to admit that they would disrespect not only Kent , but their father in such a way as by putting Kent in the stocks without his having knowledge of it . In this midst of this the character of the Fool becomes important to the flow of the story , as he becomes almost the subconscious of King Lear himself by saying words of wisdom that Lear is not able to fully express in his shock . Lear ‘s denial turns to a sense of betrayal as he finally begins to accept the truth , saying , O , how this mother swells up toward my heart / Hysterica passio , down , thou climbing sorrow / Thy element ‘s below ! Where is this daughter (Act II , scene iv ‘ Lear ‘s denial demands that he confront his daughter and the Duke so that he could try to understand why they have done what they have done

As the scene progresses , the element of rage becomes apparent in Lear ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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