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Kimberle Crenshaw’s “The Intersection of Race and Gender”

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in human sexuality, social sciences

br It ‘ – if any discussion is going to occur on the large-scale mainstream popular platform of the media , one of the two had better be involved . However , through all of this seeming social desire to focus so much on gender and race , the fact that the two can also intersect and create a whole new array of complicated issues for a person and a culture seems to have been That last little bit is my own digression , and not part of Crenshaw ‘s argument this is simply what struck me as so [banner_entry_middle]

entirely shocking . While we ‘ve been so caught up discussing race and gender , we ‘ve completely missed the discussion of race with gender . Crenshaw has a plethora of information and examples to cite which show how race with gender has been entirely neglected by everyone , including the antiracists (who predominantly serve black men ) and the feminists (who predominantly serve white women . Here , Crenshaw further contains the overall argument into speaking strictly in terms of violence against women , and how violence against women of color is treated and viewed as being the same as violence against women in general , completely ignoring the deeper-lying complications of layers of different of social structures which affect women of color that DO NOT affect white women (something that , if women of color are to be treated in a way that is beneficial and acknowledging of them and their plights , simply cannot be ignored Again , Crenshaw brings so much evidence ‘ to the table that her point rings loud and clear : the separate and distinct plights of women of color are not recognized by any other vocal group as being anything noteworthy . And this attitude further perpetuates this belief of their own negligible experiences in the minds of those very same women of color . And… [banner_entry_footer]


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