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Kafka`s Metamorphosis

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Kafka ‘s The Metamorphosis

Many literary critics were both awed and puzzled with Franz Kafka ‘s brilliantly written yet absurd , and often , grossly surreal form of writing . Die Verwandlung or The Metamorphosis is Kafka ‘s longest work almost resembling a novel , and is also one of the most acclaimed . From the story of Gregor , who woke up one morning to find himself transformed into an insect (beetle , the readers can slowly see the exploration of an individual ‘s existence and the pain he experiences due to physical isolation and other people ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

indifference . Using a purely psychological outlook , it is easy to view The Metamorphosis as a mirror of Kafka ‘s own demons–for every artist is said to impart a portion of his self into his works . Thus , The Metamorphosis may be Kafka ‘s own struggle with his past and present , a personal process that gradually made its way to the writer ‘s conscious writings and developed into a nightmarish plot about the life of Gregor Samza who curiously transmuted into a physically hideous creature . This is why Kafka stands to gain the empathy and compassion of viewers when the story is told from the standpoint of Gregor

First , Kafka is a struggling writer early on in his life . He lived his life in emotional dependence on his parents . There were mixed feelings of love and hate and though he longed to marry , he considered sex as dirty . By choosing Gregor as the main character who experiences the transformation , he elicits the empathy of readers even as he performs a lackluster life (Franz Kafka . 1883-1924 . In the story , Gregor Samza is the pillar that supports his family . He is a fairly successful salesman and earns enough to pay off his father ‘s debt and bring food on the table . He is the one who strives hard for the family ‘s upkeep . When the tragedy happens to him and not to any member of the family , then , the repercussions are greater . The pillar of their family is suddenly gone and they have to strive to go about their daily lives without his help In fact , they have to bear the burden of seeing a horrible creature in their house and then to think that the creature is Gregor , back to pretending that their lives are normal , nevertheless

Second , Kafka had no intention of publishing any of his works . He actually wanted it destroyed . It was his friend Max Brod who pursued its publication . Thus , Kafka , actually had all the liberty to create Gregor as the target of all his frustrations and dependency feelings . He gained all the outlet to release these emotions and then destroy it in the end It gave a vicarious feeling of relief to him (Franz Kafka . 1883-1924

Lastly , Kafka felt a certain kind of weakness despite the rebellion he showed . Creating Gregor as the brunt of all his impotence gave an apt target for the same kind of impotence that Gregor had to be imbued with (Franz… [banner_entry_footer]


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