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Justice in the Courtroom

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Running Head : Justice in Courtroom

Justice in Courtroom

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Today , more than ever before , justice in the courtroom in the United States of America has caught the common person ‘s attention and they are asking questions that were never asked before . In the same regard , there is much talk about the prosecution processes in relation to the minorities ‘ rights and peremptory nature of the white juries . The running example in this regard is such best-selling as Grisham J . who write about the law [banner_entry_middle]

, as their works with insights into the law are more appealing to the common US citizens . This shows that common sensibility is improving . Hence , such matters as the elimination of peremptory challenge or its preservation is a much talked about matter today

Peremptory challenge usually refers to a right in jury selection for the defense and prosecution to reject a certain number of potential jurors who appear to have an unfavourable bias without having to give any reason . Other potential jurors may be challenged for cause , i .e . by giving a reason why they might be unable to reach a fair verdict (wikipedia .com

It is considered controversial since it is said to have been used to undermine a balanced representative jury although being selected through a random sampling even though extensive research and fundings have been invested (wikipedia .org

The issues that give rise to controversies as far as peremtory challenge is concerned spring from the judgments that were carried out against people of different races (like the ones belonging to the Africs or Hispanic or both orignins ) by the white juries . The term used to refer to question the validity of peremptory challenge in the US courtroom is Batson challege (wikipedia .org . This term is so used since it was the Batson v . Kentucky decision of the court that dragged the mainstream attention to the controversial state of the peremptory challenge

People like Coburn R . B . state that peremptory challenge is not in it real shape as it was once defined by the US Supreme Court that it is a challenge exercised without a reason stated , without inquiry and without being subject to the court ‘s control (questia .com . He is one severe critic of this approach because to him judges , scholars , and litigants often disagree over whether the peremptory challenge serves a worthwhile purpose in the American judicial system , all seem to admit that no constitutional basis exists for the peremptory challenge (questia .com . However , he further informs us that in today ‘s Court the elimination of the peremptory challenge is more unlikely to happen as the Court holds that that the peremptory occupies an important position in . trial procedures (questia .com

The peremptory challenge has a long history and extensive literature on the peremptories reveals that the major cases that paved the way for the abolition of all white-jury against a defendors who bolonged either to African or Hispanic race were Batson v . Kentucky , 476 U… [banner_entry_footer]


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