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Journal Entry-Class discussion Re: Technology and our addiction to it (Technosis)

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November 1 , 2006

Many kids today are addicted to technology . Technology has become an addiction because many times there are no time limitations set by parents , the technology is used only for visual pleasure and stimulation , the technology is not used for knowledge or personal growth unless imposed by an adult , and many other opportunities are missed or refused in to continue on the particular piece of technology in question at the time

My son shows signs of addiction to his play station . When he has played for [banner_entry_middle]

a couple hours , even if this is the time that has been set for him , his mood changes drastically and he becomes hateful when he is asked , and then finally made to get off of the contraption . The anger and nasty verbalizations don ‘t stop when the game is interrupted he continues to punish me and tries to manipulate me into more time . He doesn ‘t get it . Sure signs of any addiction I know of – try to remove the drug and the person gets mean

I will say , however , that once the cycle of playing too much on these games is broken by parental force , he returns to more productive activities that he loves . He is an avid and advanced reader . He will even tell me how much he is enjoying reading various books , and how he is glad he is reading again rather than just using the play station

In our household , books abound , both for myself and for my son . It has been this way since he was a toddler . I read to him constantly therefore , he learned to love to read at an early age and joined the Accelerated Reading Programs offered in elementary and middle school Many families do not value reading , and you will find their homes more full of technology than books

I feel that lower socio-economic groups in particular , but not entirely by themselves , succumb to the keeping up with the Jones ‘s ‘ scenario more than other groups , by purchasing the latest technology for their kids . This very likely could be because the focus has always been on the paycheck and being able to buy things ‘ rather than learning in general

The implications to society of technology addictions are not difficult to figure out . There is less family interaction when your children are glued in front of the television or game cube , etc . Sitting in front of the boob tube ‘ whether it is t .v . or a game machine results in less physical activity , eating excessively in some children , and definitely less time spent outdoors

Other implications are that children who are not well-guided by their parents in other areas , i .e , school and church and choice of friends will not be guided in their choice of games that they play . So , in addition to becoming a lazy and dumb generation (if not guided , many are playing games that glorify crime and sin

I was appalled to learn of a certain… [banner_entry_footer]


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