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Job Analysis;

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Job Analysis

Actually , job analysis and job s are essential processes in each organization , because they help to review job classification system , its effectiveness as well as to analyze work environment . Job analysis is organizational process aimed at defining particular job responsibilities , duties and requirements being important for a given job . Simply saying , job analysis is a process of analyzing data collected on a particular job . Oswald describes job analysis as generic label for information-gathering methods whose critical considerations include the type of job and worker data collected , the sources [banner_entry_middle]

of the data , the methods of gathering the data , and the level of substantive and measurement analytic detail required (Job analysis 1998

It is necessary to note that job analysis is conducted on the job , not on the person . The data collected for job analysis may come from the variety of interviews and questionnaires the object of job analysis is nevertheless , specification of a job , not judgment of a person . The main goal of job analysis is to identify and reflect job relatedness ‘ of the following procedures : selection , training , performance appraisal and , finally , compensation (Job analysis 1998 ) As it is mentioned above , job analysis is rather important for organization as it serve wide range of purposes

Firstly , job analysis is used in training to develop training content to assess the effectiveness of training to assess the equipment used in training and to analyze the effectiveness of training methods (training conditions

Secondly , job analysis is important in compensation to assess the skills levels to determine influential job factors to assess work environment involving working hazards and physical efforts to identify duties and responsibilities such as supervisory or fiscal duties to relate level of education to salary level , etc

Thirdly , job analysis is effectively used in selection procedures because it helps to identify job responsibilities of vacant positions to set appropriate level of salary for the given job depending on candidate ‘s skills and experience to define minimum requirements for applicants such as experience and education to provide orientation materials for applicants and to select questions for job tests

Finally , job analysis is important when it is necessary to identify objectives and goals of a given job to define standards of performance to evaluate criteria and duties along with responsibilities (Oswald 2003

Job analysis is accompanied by job defined as potential for guiding the execution of key human resource management functions (Grant 1997 ) The main goal of job is to provide clear understanding about the design of a given job as well as to explain what is involved into job duties . Nevertheless , sometimes it is not sufficient . Job and analysis are considered nowadays the most powerful organizational tools aimed at providing work re-distribution during down sizing . However , Grant admits that job is often restricted in re-design efforts , in opportunities to select appropriate candidates for jobs , in establishing reward systems as well as in providing effective training and evaluation systems (Grant 1997

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