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Japan`s Culture Analysis

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Japan ‘s Cultural Analysis



Japans culture started to develop around 100 BC when agriculture and social classes began to evolve . During the late 1800s , Western powers began to influence Japanese culture with several treaty signings which greatly benefited the legal and economical system of the west . This lead to Japan ‘s will to become a democratic nation which gave equality to all people , driving major reform such as a human rights and religious freedom in 1873 (Japanese History

Japans social and economic system grew to become a power [banner_entry_middle]

force in the Pacific Rim . This lead to Japan ‘s ability to fight both Russia and China while taking military control of neighboring nations . After the loss to the US , ending WWII Japan lost most of the territories gain however they benefited with decades of incredible economic growth up until the 1990s where they finally saw a major slowdown (CIA Factbook


The country is separated from the Asian mainland , by the Sea of Japan The four main islands Honshu , Hokkaido , Kyushu , and Shikoku make up the main body of Japan which is 144 ,689 sq mi (374 ,744 sq km (Japan


In Japanese the family is called ie ‘ Each member of the family is an important part to the past and future timeline of the family as more then just a social group , but as an institution . Succession in the family is an important aspect the structure of the family , with the oldest male taking on the role of the head of the family . Even after marriage , the male will live with the parents and attend to the household as the age . If there is no successor in place , it is custom to adopt so that the family line continues (Japanese Family Structure


Japan has a 99 literacy rate , with an upper and lower-secondary school system . 94 of all students attend the upper-secondary school which includes grades 10-12 . The country also has over 700 post-secondary institutions which 507 of those being universities (Country Study :Japan-Society

Political System

The government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government made up of a Prime Minister , Cabinet , and House of Councilors (CIA Factbook

Legal System

The Legal system is modeled after European civil law , with Western influence . The Supreme Court reviews legislative acts (CIA Factbook

Social Organization

Each individual is considered an autonomous person however there is a focus on becoming interdependent to social groups . Although a person will constantly interchange among groups such as a family , company or social friendship , at any given time that individuate represents the whole of the group . The social wellbeing of the group is the priority to any actions , and although such things as private emotions and humor are accepted , they should not interfere with their public responsibility (Country Studies : Social Organization

Business Customs and Practices

Masculinity and collectivism is important the culture , making business dress and practices both conservative and sexists compared to western culture . Customs such as gift giving and paying for… [banner_entry_footer]


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