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Physical geography

Jamaica lies 145 kilometers south of Cuba and 160 km west of Haiti . Its capital city Kingston is 920 km south east of Miami . Jamaica is 235 km long and stretches across 35 and 82 kilometers . Spread over 10 ,911 square kilometers it is the biggest island of the Common wealth Caribbean countries , and the third largest of the Greater Antilles after Cuba and Hispaniola (wikipedia

Origin : Jamaica and other islands of the Antilles arose from an arc of volcanoes that arose from the sea millions of years [banner_entry_middle]

ago . Over time as the mountains submerged in the sea the metamorphic and igneous rocks were covered by layers of limestone . In many places these layers of limestone are thousands of meters thick . The country can be divided into three landforms : Eastern mountains , Central valleys and Plateaus and the Coastal plains


The east of the islands is dominated by the mountain range of Blue Mountains . A central ridge of metamorphic rock running northwest to South East forms these mountains . It juts occasionally at long spurs to North and South . For a distance of 3 kilometers the ridge reaches a height of over 1800 ft . It reaches the highest point at Blue Mountain Peak at 2256 ft . The Blue Mountains are in steep contrast to the plains thus producing some of the steepest gradients in the world

Lying to the North Of the Blue Mountain is the strongly tilted limestone plateau called the John Crow Mountains . To the west , in the center of the country are two more plateaus : Dry Harbor mountains to the North and Manchester Plateau to the South

The limestone plateaus cover two thirds of the country and its Karst formations dominate the island . Karst is formed by erosion of limestone in solution . The Karst landscape in Jamaica is typically characterized by sinkholes , caves and caverns , disappearing streams and residuary red soils

To the West of the Mountains is a dramatic example of Karst topography- The Cockpit country . It is pockmarked with steep sided hollows . The Barbecue bottom road is the only drivable road in this country . In the South west is a region called as Land of Look Behind because here legend has that the Spanish Horsemen , running way from hostile slaves , were mounted one forward , and the other backward looking behind and keeping watch

The Coastlines of Jamaica are of great variety . North Eastern shore is eroded by the ocean . There are small inlets in the rugged coastline but no coastal plains . A narrow strip in the North offers white sandy beaches . The Southern Coastline has stretches of plains lined by black sandy beaches . The Western coastline has some of Jamaica ‘s finest beaches

Climate : Jamaica has two types of climates . A tropical climate prevails in the windward side of the mountains and a semi arid climate prevails over the leeward side , on the plains . It experiences nature ‘s fury in terms of occasional hurricanes and volcanic activities

Economy : It has natural deposits of… [banner_entry_footer]


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