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Is the price of digital camera related to the mega-pixel, or the brand (Nikon/Canon)?

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Is the price of digital camera related to the mega-pixel , or the brand (Nikon /Canon

People are really enjoying buying digital camera as their accessories and life style . They compare the different features , the brand name and the price so that they can choose what kind of digital camera is the best for them

There are some special things that digital cameras do differently than the traditional film cameras that make them exciting a fun to use However , at first , some of these differences may seem complicated or confusing . Though most of [banner_entry_middle]

the features found on a traditional , there are many new controls and operations you have probably never used before Many have been added to increase the cameras versatility for different shooting styles and requirements

This growing digital camera install base is great news for marketers seeking to grow business through accessories and printing . In the latter half of 2006 we can expect the majority of those purchasing a digital still camera to have the knowledge of what features they want to improve in their second camera , and now ‘s the time to help them accessorize smartly as well

-Liz Cutting (Imaging Analyst , 2006

According to the tracking services , the features , brand trust , and price were the top three purchase motivators for both first-time and repeat buyers with features being the most important for both , repeat buyers ranked the importance of buying a brand they trust higher than price while first time buyers ranked price second and brand trust third

The problem to be analyzed is that , if there is a relationship between the price and the mega pixel or to the brand ? It is interesting to know if the buyers are particular in what aspect , like if they are particular with the resolution or in the brand that they use and the relationship with the price . A mega pixel refers to one million pixels , and is commonly used in reference to digital cameras as an indication of resolution capability . A pixel is a tiny square on a computerized display that is so small it appears as a dot . The display screen is a solid grid of these squares or dots , which can be easily seen with a magnifying glass . The more pixels or dots that make up the display screen , the clearer the resolution or image will be . Greater numbers of dots or pixels allow for more refinement of the image , which results in higher , truer image replication . Different brand has different features when it comes to the resolutions . Their reputation when it comes to their services offered is very important with them . That is why the buyers are very particular with the kind of digital camera that they will use , the brand and the price as well

Data Collection

They gathered the data to be analyzed by getting the price of the two brand of digital camera , the Canon and the Nikon . They collect the data by getting its price corresponding to that is the mega pixel… [banner_entry_footer]


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