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Is the European Union better at making policies than implementing and enforcing policies?

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EU Policy Crisis

1 : The Lost vision of unified EU The Fall of Iron Curtain

The fall of Iron Curtains in 1989 initiated the process of unification of Europe . It provided an opportunity to European nations for exploring their relationships and overcome their differences as the time demanded The lack of shared EU Identity The vision of enlarged EU seemed very rosy and fanciful from its inception . With the passage of time as the states came closer there were few states that showed their resentment through referendum . Out of the 25 current Member States 50 [banner_entry_middle]

percent were in favour of further enlargement of the Either were other states that have been opposing the idea of enlargement while some are still deliberating , where to go . The presence of a shared identity in the European Union is a thorny issue for the participating governments and policy makes alike The Problem with EU integration The process of integration is plagued with countless problems . For example the procedure for the membership of Eastern Europe countries forced the organisation to restructure its basic design , which resulted in lot of bickering among the EU states . Such crisis made it visible that beneath the shinning armour of unity the fabric of EU integration is laid on shallow foundation . The problem is that if there is any increase in the Europeans identity , for many European it means , decrease in loyalty to their homeland thus this paradox gives to the clash of European identity versus national identity

The dream of European unification despite all vows remains un-implemented policy hung in the air

2 :The Turkey and Cyprus dilemma The Rush to Cyprus Acceptance Another issue is the Turkey and Cyprus . For example EU has demanded opening the ports to the Greek Cypriots , which seems political suicide for Turkey . EU is again in dilemma

EU as ever is stuck up in crisis EU cannot solve the problem and it cannot give up the chosen policy . The rush to accept Greek Cyprus in hurry without finding the solution became a problem in itself 3 : The EU constitution crisis To be or not to be

EU is drafting the constitution , which some members want scrapped others want do not wish to scarp it . The UK and Czech republic and Poland want constitution replaced the French and Dutch rejected constitution altogether in 2005 . Spain wants parts of it to be accepted . Thus the crisis as ever is stuck up without any progress and policy makers are wondering what to do

4 : EU Energy Crisis The Russian and Ukraine stand off

EU is also facing the energy crisis . The Russian and Ukraine stand off in January was an awakening for Europe . EU imports half of its gas from Russia , for which the union is dependent on Russia Brussels is unsuccessfully trying to get Moscow to include protocol in Energy charter which would allow EU companies to access Russian pipelines , but Moscow seems unimpressed by any such move and EU has no clean energy policy… [banner_entry_footer]


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