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Iron and Silk: Mark Salzman`s Cultural Learnings in China

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Iron and Silk ‘ By Mark Salzman , is not only a book of travel adventures , it is a spiritual journey of a man ‘s search for meaning in the ordinary Only to find that the ordinary is often what makes life extraordinary . In his book , East meets West on the playing field of daily living , with the West always looking outward for more , while the East focuses more inwardly . Salzman captured post-cultural revolution China through his adventures as a young American English teacher and his shifu-tudi (master-student ) relationship with China ‘s foremost martial [banner_entry_middle]

arts teacher . Mark Salzman ‘s experiences in China were the inspiration that lead him for the Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction , and he also received the Christopher Award

Mark Salzman penetrated deeper into the society around him in China than other foreigners could , and picked up friends and teachers along the way . Besides his numerous Masters , all of whom coached him in a different type of wushu ‘ or martial art , they also guided him for traditional calligraphy and even fishing . The Chinese people he met were all impeccably mannered , hospitable and eager to exchange skills . Even in 1985 , Mark Salzman was the only non-Chinese invited to participate in the National Martial Arts Competition in Tianjin . Salzman ‘s writing is a testament to the many lessons , he learned from the special relationships he developed behind the cold wall of communism and socialism . In Iron Silk ‘ westerners catch a glimpse of the real people of China

Mark Salzman tried his best to get involved in Chinese activities though he couldn ‘t be the expert . When he got to China , he felt himself like an expert on all things foreign , since every body wanted to learn all about America . He also enjoyed this position because nobody contradict him . He deeply involved himself in Chinese cultural aspects , nevertheless he was like a dummy in this respect initially . But at later stage , he took advantage of the experience being in China , although it was exhausting doing wrong things and feel like owned social skills (that he had built up ) do not apply in the certain circumstance

Getting deeper in the contents of Iron and Silk , we may discover that in some early days in China , Mark felt quite depressing being on industrializing place . However , soon at later stage he realized the value of his Western identity . He ever wanted to become a better person by incorporating Asian culture and Asian philosophy . When his teacher Pan ‘ did martial arts , Mark had seeing a bird fly . His teacher once told him that Your problem is that you ‘re trying to be me , and Mark realized that this statement of his teacher was the whole experience being in China for him . Mark said Leaning about another culture doesn ‘t mean you have to reject your own . It allows you to see yourself from another perspective , see your good side and your bad side and appreciate what you have , and this is one of the success factor , Mark… [banner_entry_footer]


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