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I come from a culture where women are treated with the utmost respect and regard . There is no question that women have the right to occupy a certain position in society that affords them with the respect and reverence that is befitting to their stature . While women are arguably given preferential treatment it does not necessarily follow that these women are also not empowered and given the same opportunities that men are given

The increasing trafficking in women that is occurring all over the world has somehow cast the situation of women [banner_entry_middle]

in a serious light . This industry degrades women and cannot , under any circumstances , be recognized as an act that empowers them or allows them to escape the dismal surroundings of their home countries . While is conceded that it may very well be their only ticket out of poverty and oppression , I firmly believe that there is nothing that can ever restore one ‘s pride and one ‘s purity

The problem is correctly pointed out by the in their article and it is that there is an ever growing sex trade industry and that the poor treatment of women in other parts of the world has greatly contributed to this occurrence . The solution however is an oversimplification of the problem . Simple decriminalization of undocumented sex work will not solve the problem but will in fact only contribute to its increase as more and more women take advantage of the more lenient immigration policies

The answer to this problem lies in recognizing the issue and taking it one step at a time . As the world has progressed and continues to develop , people all over the world are accorded more rights by their previously oppressive regimes than was ever imagined . The way that bs are seemingly coming down and being bypassed by international trade has provided a new avenue , a new escape from all the injustice that these women face . While there will never be an instant solution to this problem , there is a recognition of all the sacrifices that these brave women who have sacrificed for the sake of the world and hope that no woman will ever have to sacrifice again just to live a better life

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