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Ionic liquid

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Chapter 2

Theoretical background

2 .1 Overview of ionic liquid

Ions are the main constituents of the Ionic Liquids , which are also known as ILs . Normal salt can be resembled to the ILs . Molten Sodium Chloride is one of the examples of ILs , in which the nature of the dominant force is found to be columbic between the ions . In ILs , the ions are poorly coordinated and highly polar , which results less columbic attraction between them , this decrease in electrostatic attraction translates into lower melting points less than 100 ?C (ref2 [banner_entry_middle]

.The reality is that ionic liquids can be liquid at temperatures as low as -96 ?C . Because its low melting point , ionic liquids can act as solvents that reactions can be performed . Although , ionic liquid is made of ions (Z3 ) rather than molecules , the reactions often give distinct selectivity and reactivity when compared with organic solvents Additionally , some of the potentially possibilities are the 1018 ternary ionic liquids and the ionic liquids in a million binary quantity HYPERLINK “http /www .sciencemag .org /cgi /content /full /302 /5646 /792 ” \l “ref7 ref7 ” 7 X . Nowadays , approximately 600 molecular solvents are used for the comparison process of these reactions

Ionic liquids are lack of a measurable vapor pressure at room temperature , near zero or no organic compounds will be create compare to the volatile organic solvent (review ref 7 . The perceived benefit of substitution of the traditional industrial solvents is one of the primary driving forces that influence the research into ionic liquids The volatile organic compounds and the nonvolatile ionic liquids are the usual solvents in this research , which are also known as VOCs and NILs respectively . The emission of VOCs might be prevented by the replacement of the conventional solvents by the ionic liquids . It can avoid many containment problems or handling issue , which is the idea of green solvent (ref

. Intrinsically , ionic liquids are not found environmental , as observations show some of them as extremely toxic However , the planning and designing can be done , in to produce a benign of environmental loving , which might also results in the sustainable chemistry with large potential benefits (XC

In to avoid the utilization of the conventional organic solvents four principal strategies are used by the experts . Water , ionic liquids heterogeneous catalysis , and supercritical fluids are these four approaches in this regard . However , the establishment of the solvent-less option is considered as the best one in the petrochemical industry , which is one of the chemical sectors with least pollution . It is very difficult to dissolve many compounds in water , although , it is very advantageous to make the use of the water . Additionally , it is also very expensive to dispose off the contaminated aqueous streams . Some of the highly versatile solvents that are used for the chemical synthesis are the supercritical fluids with the multi-properties of both gas and the liquid ( HYPERLINK “http /www .sciencemag .org /cgi /content /full /302 /5646 /792 ” \l “ref3 ref3 3 XY . In a… [banner_entry_footer]


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