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Investment is one of the best ways to save . Unlike other methods of savings like banking investment portends very high chances of success although it has its challenges and shortcomings . Investment is a wide and one can invest in varied ways . This project proposes to investigate the factors that influence the success of an investment

Project Definition

The project shall be solely concerned about determining what factors influence the success of an investment with an aim of understanding better the [banner_entry_middle]

forces at play when investing . The understanding of such factors is crucial in the decision making process before committing funds into any given investment . According to (Argyris , Putnam Smith ,1990 .46-49 , ability of an investor to commit the required funds availability of the required resource persons and the scope of an investment all define a project

For this project , three objectives shall be observed : –

To establish causes of the high rate of failures in may investments

To determine the effects of bad investment decisions

To establish the necessary factors for an investment to succeed

To show the importance of investment in achieving financial freedom

Project Setting

The project shall highly depend on qualified staff to achieve its objectives . The project shall hire staff of various qualifications . For a start the project plans to bring on board staff with financial and economics background . The fact that the project at establishing the right investment environment for empowering the marginalized in terms of economy is a clear indication that the project must borrow alot from professionals . Community leaders are very important as the project seeks to reach out to the members of the community (Fetterman 1996 .100-124 . Therefore it is very crucial that the project is set up in a way in which it will be responsive to the needs of the community To ensure responsiveness the project shall carry out a needs assessment prior to the onset of the project . For any special needs which may come up in the assessment , the project shall be adjusted to meet such needs Backed by a team of professionals the project expects to meet its objectives . To ensure the project is run in a formal manner , an ideal management structure will be set up with a coordinator and programme manger as the heads of the project

Once the project team comprising of the coordinator , the programme manager , the finance manager and other supportive staff is in place proper role and responsibilities for each member of staff shall be determined . The clear allocation of duties and responsibilities is aimed at achieving effectiveness so as to achieve the necessary project outcomes . The above will also result into a chain of command that is necessary in establishing who is accountable for the project in this case , the programme manager will be accountable and answerable for all decisions affecting the project . Enough contingency plans will be put in place to cater for any emergency requirements on the investment project . The contingency… [banner_entry_footer]


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