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investing in the telecom industry in sub saharan africa

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Economic Impact of Investing in Telecommunications Industry

in Sub-Saharan Africa


The economic impact of the investment in the telecommunications industry in sub-Saharan Africa has astounded and exceeded the projections of emergent service providers in a continent that has come to be associated with bad news and regressive growth over the past four decades . A direct result of the reforms that are being implemented by various governments in the region , the growth in the industry were led by African entrepreneurs The growth [banner_entry_middle]

in the industry has positively impacted other sectors in the economies of the region . Mobile telephony and internet have been the driving force in the growth of the industry , registering growth rate that has been judged the highest in the world and opening the region for more investment and development

The Economic Impact of Investing in Telecommunications Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has for long lagged behind other regions of the world in all aspects of human development . So much turmoil and human deprivation had been associated with the region that when positive growth data in the telecommunications industry started rolling out from under the ruins of the economies of the region , investment analysts were surprised at the pace of growth in the industry . A growth rate that saw the increase of region ‘s teledensity jump from a dismal of 0 .4 per 100 inhabitants in 1994 to current figures of about 6-2 per 100 in 2004

The economic impact of investments in the telecommunications industry demonstrated how the implementation of good government policies can effectively transform the economic fortunes of developing nations . The pivotal roles played by home-grown African investors in rebuilding the industry also showed that given the enabling environment , Africans can change the economic fortune of their continent

Direct foreign investors from advanced countries were shown to have been discriminatory , predatory and ineffectual in their efforts to bring real development to sub-Saharan Africa over the years . Available evidence supported the oft held view that very little DFI flowed to the region when compared to the flow to other developing regions of the world and that of this little inflow , the majority went to investments in the extractive industries of mineral-dependent nations of the region

The enthronement of well conceived policies was identified as the panacea for continued investment and the sustainable development of the telecommunications industry in sub-Saharan Africa , as well as the ability to meet the enormous growth forecasts for the industry

Mobile telephony , which accounted for over 75 percent of the record growth , has been identified by analysts as the future of the industry in sub-Saharan Africa , alongside the Internet and business in telecommunication technology equipment and support services

Sub- Saharan Africa

The Geography and People A geographical map of Africa , showing the ecological break that defines the sub-Saharan area

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The term Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA ) has been used over the years to denote that region of Africa situated beyond… [banner_entry_footer]


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