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Investigative journalism is in decline

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This looks into why investigative reporting may be going on a decline nowadays . It presents the issue and several problems of investigative journalism . The peoblem is that distorted investigating and reporting are sometimes hard to detect and can have significant consequences

An investigative reporter , Robert Parry wrote about the important of investigative reporting when he expounded that

Investigative reporting is to journalism what theoretical research is to science , having the potential to present new realities and shatter old paradigms – how people see and understand the world around them [banner_entry_middle]

– which , in turn , can transform politics . That is why investigative journalism is so important to the health of a democracy (Glaser 2006

Thus he is one of the many who think that investigative journalism is in danger . One areason that he cites is that most people today consult other media forms for updates on news such as the Internet . Thus , the corporate owners of these newss do nto see the profitability of conducting lengthy investigative reports that can entail huge expenses since there will be be very little in financial payoff in the long run (Glaser , 2006

Bruce Page who worked on the thalidomide , Philby and Dc-10 airline stories for the Insight teams illustrates this situation well . Page states it in no unequivocal terms that reporters should simply do what they are supposed to do . They need to check facts and never take anything on trust especially from people who may have hidden self-interests . In fact , he concludes that this is what journalism is all about . It is about investigation and that is what sets it apart from any kind of write-up . In fact , the issue is not about asking important people what transpired but it is all about researching things yourself . It is this investigative technique that is the pillar of where journalism stands (Sparks ,

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Perhaps the emergence of investigative journalism arose because printers had to produce and sell since books tied up most of their capital in stock . There emerged better trade because there was the need for a well-established means of distributing the news by posting systems . In fact , it was seen that the intellectual revolution in Europe was both a function of and a stimulus for publishing . The era of the Enlightenment spurred the idea of ideas . This meant that there was no single factual answer to everything (de Burgh , 2000 .

. 29 . This is the reason why more and more investigative seek material to illustrate how reporting and the properly narrative techniques are executed properly . Shapiro Hamill (2003 , would like to give people a background of how investigative hournalism evolved . Their book elucidated the many events in history that precipitated what is now known as investigative reportage . Meanwhile , Pilger compiles in his book Tell Me no Lies : Investigative Journalism and its Triumphs (2004 , the many events that brave reporting has done to expose abuse of power and injustices . The complilation demontrates to all that this kind of reporting is most valued… [banner_entry_footer]


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