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Introduction To Integrated Christian Apologetics

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Introduction to Integrated Christian Apologetics

Over the past centuries , many religious beliefs have been criticized by many philosophers and critics . Christian faith has never been saved from these criticisms . In fact it has received one of the major blows of disparagement . This criticism of the Christian faith has caused damage to the Christian believers . Due to the criticism of Christianity Christian believers were also criticized and were questioned by their fellow human beings . And because of these , Christian believers were caught unaware and did not know what to do . Furthermore , this also [banner_entry_middle]

br caused believers to have weak faith in Christianity . There were even others who lost their faith because of these attacks

Due to a lot of criticisms , it was seen by many school of thought in Christian Theology that a solution must be provided to the arising problem . According to the scholars , apologetics is the solution to the dilemma . Christian Apologetics is a branch in Christian Theology that defends the Christian faith . It tries to answer the question is Christianity believable . It originated from the Greek word apologia ‘ which means `making a defense . Attacks of the Christian faith coming from the outside of the church are mean dealt with apologetics (Philip and Cherian . Presently an integrated approach in apologetics has been developed which sees apologetics in a holistic perspective

A person who is studying or has background on Apologetics is called a Christian Apologist and can help inquirers about their question in Christianity . A Christian Apologist can teach and help the person having doubts on Christian beliefs to see and find the answers to the problems and questions that he is facing . The Apologist can also teach the inquirer the humanistic philosophy which can help them overcome their doubts and will help them find the root causes of the problem . These also give the inquirer capability to deal effectively with the questions being raised to them

The basis of Christian Apologetics could be traced back to the bible According to Philip and Cherian , Apologetics is a biblical activity which has been advised and demonstrated in the Bible at various places One of the example is the verse from 1 Peter 3 :15 which goes always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls your account for that hope is in you

Many verses in the bible give a good definition of the character of Apologetics . According to Philip and Cherian , almost all of the books of Jobs are an Apologetic to justify to God ‘s dealings with mean Furthermore , they also mentioned that verses in Psalms 14 and 19are apologetic in character . Romans 1 :20 is also another verse in the bible that describes the character of Apologetics . With this few examples it can be said that all activities in Apologetics is referred from the Bible

An important role of Apologetics towards the Bible is that it answers inquiry of people who have been attacked by nonbelievers . Base on the module written by Philip and Cherian… [banner_entry_footer]


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