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Introduce a new technology

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Millions , if not billions , of dollars go into the research and development of new technology and arguably the same amount , if not more go to marketing research to justify the costs of launching a new product . The reason behind this is that there is a growing recognition that the only way to introduce a new technology is to market it well enough and to make it so user friendly that it is accepted by the mass market . This is also the reason for the success of the ipod because it is such a [banner_entry_middle]

simple device that does not have a lot of buttons to push and it was designed so elegantly that it came across as non-intimidating

The success therefore of any new technology lies in its marketing and design construction . Make it so popular that every child , teen and adult will want to have one and also make it so simple that it will not require a PHD in engineering to operate . The successful implementation of these two strategies guarantees that soon enough everyone will be sporting that new technology that was introduced even if it really isn ‘t that life-changing

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