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Intial essay

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Chemistry : Initial Essay


1 /30 /2007

I have found that my most efficient learning technique is hands on . I require the ability to participate in what is happening . I like to try out what the lesson is explaining to me . I am also able to learn by taking good notes . I begin with just a rough of notes taken from class and I draw an outline from them . I start with the most important s and I list underneath how other key words or method fits in [banner_entry_middle]

these headers . My listening skills are superb . I learn with my ears just as good . When I read something after I have heard it a bell goes off and I would double underline that . I hope to improve my note taking skills . Even though I feel they are great now , I could always use new ways to get more information with fewer characters . I would also like to write in a way so that I have little to do when I outline my notes . This would give me more time to study my notes and less time organizing them .I do have some knowledge of the units to come . Organic chemistry has to do mostly with oxygen and carbon compounds although these may contain other elements . This area will give us an indication of the texture smell , make up and other physical attributes of chemistry , but not limited to this . Structure Properties are just that . You could get two difference results from using more or less of one chemical . The concentration of different substances will make a big difference in this area also (Helmenstine , 2007 . The Energy Changes Rates of Reaction will cover how fast something changes in time . It will explain what happens to the structure of things as they change . A reaction usually involves several different substances (2007 . I know that molecules react when they collide , or come together to make a reaction . Some things do not maintain the same compose as it chemically changes . The Chemical Systems Unit will describe how certain elements such as heat and cold compare (Rappe , 2007 . Heat permanently changes a lot of things . It ‘s possible that it sometimes causes no change at all . I don ‘t have that much experience with Equilibrium and Electrochemistry but I hope to have a clear understanding of them later on . I would have to say that I am intrigued by the Organic Chemistry unit because I want to learn how synthesis fits into the preparation of chemical compounds . I would also like to know more about Structure and Properties . I want to learn about the types of major bonds , such as ionic , that it deals with I ‘m sure there are other areas of the remaining units that I will want to get further details with once I get started (2007

I chose to take this class because I wanted to develop a clearer understanding of Chemistry and the way it works in… [banner_entry_footer]


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