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The aspect of healthcare has always been an important yet very much complicated aspect in the field of professional service . This concept is mainly because of the fact that healthcare involves the issue of life and the welfare of the involved society mainly the patients . Likewise the aspect of healthcare also involves crucial rational and ethical perspective mainly on the part of the healthcare service administration because of the imminent need in the said field for responsible sense of organization and management . In the said field of professional [banner_entry_middle]

healthcare , every action and every tick of the time matters significantly in saving and promoting life and health welfare of the patients . Thus , excellent management and organizational skills are very much important for the success in the field of healthcare service

Healthcare Organization and Management

To have a better look on the perspective of healthcare management , this author aims to have an understanding and grasp of the matter through the opinion and ideas of an actual healthcare officer involved with the said tasks . In this aspect , this author has interviewed one of the chief executives (Medical Officer ) in the Department of Surgery at the Veteran ‘s Affairs Medical Center . The condensed part of the said interview is presented in the following part of this

Q : As one of the chief executives of the Department of Surgery , how would you conceptualize the imminent responsibility for organizing and reorganizing in your management

A : The field of healthcare has always been a complicated aspect in the field of professional service because every part of this field is very much critical and crucial in nature . To address this aspect , the entire field and external factors that is within its jurisdiction should always be organize to optimize all of the involve element in healthcare service such as the resources , facilities and labor . Through this , the healthcare department can maximize their efforts in addressing the needs of the society for healthcare service

In addition , it is a fact that healthcare service commonly involves many external factors that must be incorporated in the field . Because of this , the entire department must be flexible thus holding up reorganization to update its system thus anticipating every healthcare case and situations

Q : How do you actually manage matters involving crucial situations and organize the implementation of the created decision

A : Often , healthcare decisions are made in situational basis wherein healthcare professionals must consider and incorporate all of the available facts and information pertaining to the situation in creating the diagnosis and the subsequent medication . In this cyclical process of healthcare application , critical organization of the informations must be applied to efficiently arrive at the proper solution to the scenario In this approach , one must actually be practical and ethical in the process while altogether being critical to every specific detail in the informations

Q : How do you organize the development and improvements to your healthcare organization

A : In our course of service , new information acquired in our different cases… [banner_entry_footer]


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