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How Do Communication and Self Interrelate ? Project : Response

I have always loved music and I still do . When I was younger , I remembered that I had a singing voice , I joined choral groups and was an active member in it , but I never had the guts to sing solo . Then when I went to high school I got caught up with trying to fit in , dealing with my own issues and coping with academics that I did not had time to sing and I was to scared to try out for the choir or [banner_entry_middle]

the school play . I still sang at home , in my room and in the shower or when no one was around . My family is not good with music , my mother is tone deaf , my brothers sing off-key and when I try to sing they always tell me to stop trying because we are not built for music . So I stopped singing out loud , I sang in my head , I could memorize songs that I really love , I have DVD ‘s of concerts , I listen to music all the time , but I can ‘t seem to open my mouth and sing . Then one day , I just woke up and said to myself I will try to sing , and be proud of it . After a few tries , and when I heard my parents giggling over my singing , my brothers rolling their eyes , and my friends saying nice try , my resolve crumbled . I felt humiliated and said to myself who am I kidding ? I can never sing . I don ‘t know how to sing ! If I were to apply the guide for improving my self-concept then this is what I would have done differently

First , I would make the decision to start singing and make that commitment to myself that this is something that I love to do , and I will be happy doing it and nothing is going to change that . I might be affected by the smirks or the mumblings that my family displays whenever I sing , but I would have told myself that I did not sing for a long time and hence my voice is rusty and needs to be polished . This is the next step that I should have done , to acquire knowledge about desired changes and concrete skills . I could go to our church and ask the choir master to teach me vocalizations and that I practice with the choir even if I am not a member yet . I could also read up on the techniques in singing or just watch the performances of singers I like . I could also explain to my family that even if our family is not musically inclined , it does not mean that all of us does not have the talent to sing , I could probably give them a lecture on genetics or I could ask my relatives who have singing voices and tell them that I got it from other members of the family . After a… [banner_entry_footer]


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