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My career objectives – plans of a career in finance and administration Like most other progressive people I too have my own hobbies and interests , which have grown up with me . Grown with me because my passion and attachment to these are more now , than ever before . I have , on quite a number of occasions , listed my extracurricular activities and interests as involvement in voluntary work and a passion for working with numbers , in response to many queries . Unfortunately , of these responses would reveal how much I [banner_entry_middle]

actually enjoy working with numbers . I sometimes have a feeling that my pursued childhood fancy with numbers might have played a crucial role in the development of my interest in finance

My interest in working with numbers had probably been with me from my childhood . I remember well those days when dad would scream at me for asking more fruits or chocolates when I already had some with me . But then he would be moved when I emphasize my requirements with my needs , based on those finger counting . For instance one Friday , when I was nearly five years of age , I once asked him to get me more of my favorite vanilla wafers , while I still had another half dozed with me My father was obviously angry . I told him that I only need about two to three chocolates each day . The supermarket he buys from is closed on Sundays and occasionally runs out of chocolates by Saturday afternoon . I convinced him that if it weren ‘t bought on that day , I wouldn ‘t have any for the weekend Setting objectives or goals in life is very important It sort of defines as to where or who you want to be . Setting your goals and more importantly , working towards it , gives a direction and purpose to your efforts . Living without objectives is like flying without a destination . My goals are set logically based on my interests , education and subsequent work experiences . I would like to establish myself in the fields of finance and administration . With a major in finance and business administration and a year ‘s experience in retailing , I have a good understanding of the factors and difficulties that influence good retailing . Thanks to my little association with the community education center and my experience as a teacher , I have acquired certain vital skills , which have parallel importance in business administration

At the Shia Imami Ismaili Houston Head Quarters Religious Education Center , I got acquainted with strategy planning and implementation , financial documenting and report generation , budget and stock management . This experience together with my retailing stint have fine-tuned certain qualities in me like liaison , meeting scheduling negotiation and communication . Circumstances or situations may sometimes be challenging and that ‘s where you have to take a cautious lead using your abilities of creative thinking and forecasting . I have sometimes found my experiences at retailing useful at the religious education center and vice versa . Perhaps , this is why people count… [banner_entry_footer]


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