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International Transport Operations

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International Transport Operations


The article `How do the demands for airport services differ between full-service carriers and low cost carriers ‘ is a research study about the needs of low-cost carriers . Basically , the study focused on how the demands of airlines changed since the deregulation of airlines that resulted to increased level of competition among airlines and airports It does not address the issues on competition between low-cost and full-service carriers but on the competition among airports across Europe . Since airline has been deregulated in Europe , low-cost carriers have emerged [banner_entry_middle]

to be a strong market in the airline industry . It was the emergence of the low-cost airlines which actually caused the emergence of new airports because these airlines had no access to slots and cannot afford the high charges of major hubs . There were also underutilised airports across Europe which became active in the airport industry providing services to the low-cost carriers that cannot be met by major hubs

To be able for airlines to provide low-cost services , they have a set of airport requirements to complement their services . The author himself interviewed the CEO of Ryanair , the leading low-cost carrier in Europe to be able to determine the choice factors for airport of low-cost airlines . Such choice factors include (1 ) low airport charges (2 quick 25 minute turnaround time (3 ) single-storey airport terminals (4 ) quick check-in (5 ) good catering and shopping at airport (6 ) good facilities for ground transport and (7 ) no executive /business class lounges (Barret , 2004

. 37 . The choice factors of full-service carriers for airlines were not detailed in the article but according to a related research (Jolicoeur and Khattak , 2001

.3 , aircraft operators ‘ demands for airports , in general , are functions of airport service and airport context . Airport service includes airport facility and available services such as facility with a long run way , weigh bearing capacity , fuel service , repair service , and instrument approaches . Airport context on the other hand refers to the nature of the airport location . The nature of location pertains to the population and employment , economic condition , surrounding development accessibility to highway , distance to the nearest city , and the amount of traffic at the nearest primary airport . Consequently , airports that can provide these demands to airlines are more likely to be chosen by airlines

Moreover , in a research conducted by Gardiner (2006 ) about the choice of airport for cargo airlines , it was concluded that location infrastructure , slots , facilities , road networks , and cost as well as good road access , and availability and cost of labour all determine the choice of airport . In other words , the demands of airlines for airports are basically the same : good facilities that enable airports to accommodate more airlines and provide them more slots that will lessen turnaround time cost which is considerably less important for long-haul operations but is important to low-cost carriers which operations are mostly domestic or short-haul good road access and ground transportation which are very important to passengers appropriate airport terminals and availability and cost… [banner_entry_footer]


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