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International Terrorism

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Introduction Trends and notions are the worst plagues of terrorism . Each major incident seems worse than earlier ones , and the dimensions of the overall threat show no signs of diminishing . Simultaneously , confusion over the meanings and connotations of the term seem to spread and become diffuse . Few countries are not polarized by differences , albeit covert over all the forms of organized violence which can be labeled as terrorism

No theoretical confabulation will secure anyone ‘s vital interests in stable manner . We have to confront terrorism in such a manner that our [banner_entry_middle]

br dependants can live in peace . There are other issues which demand attention , so we cannot live in suspended animation of our routine aspirations , and developmental needs for ever . Understanding and role sharing are keys to ending the current stalemate , as the civilized world struggles to form a common minimum program , and obliterate terrorism from the vanguard of our lives . This is the sequence adopted in the following sections , moving from a holistic appreciation of the nature of terrorism , to what entire nations and local communities can do to deal effectively with the menace

Nature and Dimensions

A formal definition is the usual starting point for the effective management of any issue , but this is an elusive matter as far as global consensus on the defining meaning of terrorism is concerned . Clearly targeting innocent non-combatants , and using violence to achieve ideological aims , should be essential and adequate measures of terrorism (Aubrey , 2004 . However , self-determination aspirations have diluted international binding commitments to eradicate the threat

Fundamentalist leanings have exerted such great pressures to resort to terrorism that the phenomenon in the contemporary world has been intricately associated with third world antagonism of U .S . prosperity on an Islamic platform , and with the acceptance of the reality of Israel as well . However , terrorism is neither a modern nor a spatially limited phenomenon : it has existed , though perhaps in different forms appropriate to the technologies of earlier times , since the beginning of forceful confrontation between communities , and it certainly stretches today from the far reaches of the Philippines (Cooley , 1999 , to the mountainous reaches of the Balkans (Barnhart , 2002 , apart from the notoriety of parts of the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent Thus , Pearl Harbor was no less horrific for our elders than the World Trade Center attacks have been near the start of the present millennium . Terrorism is hydra-headed , with many forms available to potential and committed protagonists . While we have been hapless witnesses to such brazen forms as using hijacked commercial airliners as weapons of mass destruction , and though the media has established the power of explosive devices in the public eye , the fact is that less visible forms such as biological warfare are equally potent and destructive

Terrorism is like global warming , because the recalcitrance of even one rogue nation can burst the bubble of world security against the terrorism threat . While the United Nations has striven to encourage universal national legislation against terrorism , implementation has been marred in… [banner_entry_footer]


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